Trump’s Cabinet from Hell

Let’s have a gander at some of the wonderful, salt of the earth, “everyday people” the Trumpster has appointed to his cabinet, they all appear to have the qualifications to be empathetic of hard working individuals.Fox guarding the hen-house comes to mind with these pricks, I mean picks.

State department: Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon/Mobil. Close ties to Russia’s Putin, Chairman of Trumps election campaign, oops, sorry I mean Russia’s leader. Oil drilling everywhere, restrictions and regulations will fall faster than g-strings at a titty bar.

Treasury: Steven Mnuchin,  Goldman Sachs alumni, no more need be said.

Defense: James “mad dog” Mattis, retired four star general,thought to be a safe pick until you see his comments about Iran, will make the Middle East nervous.

Attorney General : Jeff Sessions,Senator, Alabama, a curious pick since there is a documented history of racist and derogatory comments. Looks like the guy that would creep out of the woods with the Deliverance music playing in the background.

Homeland: John Kelly,retired general. tough on illegal immigration. Rumored to be playing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” a lot lately.

Commerce: Wilbur Ross, investor and billionaire. Known as the king of bankruptcy for investing in such businesses. Surprised he hasn’t invested in Trump stocks.

Education: Betsy DeVos: known for not liking public school systems, advocates charter schools, a head scratcher pick.

Energy: Rick Perry, former Texas governor, while running for President said he would abolish this department, I.Q. of a lemming, makes George W look look a Rhodes Scholar,couldn’t win on Dancing with the Stars.

Health and Human Services: Tom Price. An orthopedic surgeon who is critical of Obamacare, shocking, I know.

HUD, Doctor Ben Carson, religious conservative with no political experience, square peg in a round hole, really square, only black cat who is not cool. Owns a two million dollar mansion in Palm Beach county, has nothing in common with America’s inner cities. Once said jail time converted people into gays.

UN ambassador: Governor Nikki Haley, seems like a logical and good choice, what the hell happened?

SBA; Linda McMahon, former wrestling tycoon, two failed Senate runs. “Let’s get ready to rumble”

Non cabinet positions:

Chief strategist: Steve Bannon, chairman of Breitbart news, catering to alt-right pointy headed racists.

CIA Director; Mike Pompeo, Kansas congressman, Tea bagger, witch hunter extraordinaire, headed Benghazi investigation which wasted taxpayer money and our time and produced ZERO indictments.

NSA advisor: Michael Flynn,retired general with an Islamophobic ax to grind.

Well kids it’s going to be a fun four years, the comedy writers will have no shortage of materials.

Everything that has been gained in the last twenty years like LGBT rights, environmental advances, human rights, climate change policies, protection of government lands, Wall Street protections, bank and credit abuses, voters rights, monopoly protection will be gone or deregulated over the next four years.













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The golf swing, simplified or just shoot me.

Even though you might not like golf, think it’s boring or agree with the late George Carlin ( bless him) that thought golf courses were a waste of land, here is what a golfer has to checklist before taking the first swing/shot so be understanding of their predicament/curse. There is probably one in your family. Condolences if they are close to you.

Get the grip right whichever of the four or five are recommended

Position of the ball, off front foot, middle, back?

End of club handle not too close to zipper/belt buckle

Head down

Keep your eye on the ball

Bend your knees

Don’t lean too far forward

Don’t lean backwards

Don’t rest on your heels

Don’t abbreviate your backswing

Don’t swing too fast

Don’t swing too slow

Don’t pick up your head

Don’t pickup your feet

Don’t swivel your hips ahead of your swing

Don’t rotate your shoulders ahead or behind your hips

Don’t pronate

Don’t supinate

Don’t move your hands ahead of your club head

Don’t have your hands behind the club

Don’t tee the ball too high

Don’t tee the ball too low

Gauge the wind for the right club, which way is it blowing?

Take a full swing.

I hope this helps you understand their obsession and golf and why liquor are so closely intertwined. If they mutter in their sleep about their swing, you will know why now.


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The enabling society

Some colleges are considering quiet rooms so the children can rest, meditate or play with their phones without being bothered or upset. Horseshit I say, you mamby-pamby snot nosed weaklings better get with the program because its a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest and you are going to be roadkill if you don’t butch up.

Notice how society is changing, you owe back taxes? you don’t have to pay all of them back, hire a company that for a small fee that will renegotiate your  debt. Owe too much on credit cards? hire a company that will go to bat for you and get your OBLIGATION reduced. And these companies advertise shamelessly too, their spiel on the radio is pretty graphic: “Owe money? you don’t have to pay it back, let us represent you and help you lower your debt.” ” You don’t have to pay it back” is what they say……..that is what frosts my mini-wheats.

So its like having a good Grandparent, Junior you are in over your head, let me take care of that for you.It’s sliding over into technology, cars that drive themselves, I can see it now, a car accident? wasn’t me officer I was just riding along, the computer was driving, not my fault. Lane change accident? Wasn’t my fault the lane change warning program was defective. Rear end collision? not my fault.  the auto brake program wasn’t working properly.

I saw an ad for a bed that makes itself for Pete’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding it’s called Smart Duvet and its a gawdamm app on your phone, you get out of bed, touch the app and the inflated bed cover folds over and your bed is made, how lazy is that? Mind you it uses a vacuum cleaner type of motor to inflate the duvet so its using electricity, talk about a carbon footprint.

So when is this coming? “:Honey I am horny, let’s make love” ………..”wait a minute darlin so I can start my make love app, it will dim the light, pour some wine  and start my penis pump.”

Call me a cranky curmudgeon but the axis is starting to lean to a blameless society.



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Democrats, wake the hell up.

Dear Dems, now that the hangover is over and this election was not a bad dream here is a reality check. Trump is the President and no amount of Facebook whinny postings about doing a recall or petition to the electoral college is going to change that.

First you put all your eggs in one basket and it wasn’t a basket of deplorables, it was a basket of arrogance. You had the same arrogance that Hillary had thinking this was in the bag. Shame on you.

You undermined the one person who had the followers who could beat Trump. Shame on you. Sure Bernie did not have high “Q” ratings and he reminded everyone of their crazy rambling uncle but he had the pulse of the people and he stayed on point talking about policy, solutions and issues. The entire DNC needs to overhauled and new blood and staff that listen to the people’s problems need to be put in place. If the leadership of the DNC was on a show say like…………… let me think here………………….like The Apprentice, they would have been fired for screwing up a sure thing.

Sure the majority of the pundits picked Trump to lose but they should have looked at revisionist history and remembered Dewey versus Truman. That she was as disliked as much as he was should have been a red flag.

If this was a ballgame it would have been a HUGE upset. Here is the hard part, we have four years of this man who was probably as surprised as anyone that he won and is probably wondering “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”. Every positive step we have taken forward is going to be lost with the gang of ultra conservatives, Neocons, closet racists, Neo Nazis, KKK followers, homophobes and women haters that will make up his cabinet and sycophants.

What analysts will be going over for years is trying to figure how 53% of women voted for Trump, did they really hate Hillary that much?

There are no retakes here Donald, this is the real deal and the whole world is watching.





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Trump supporters racist? Nah !

So Pamela Ramsey Taylor and Beverly Whaling, politicians from the great state of West Virginia have disparaged First Lady Michelle Obama along with the school kids in ( pick a state, any state) that have written derogatory remarks on lockers and walls at their schools directed towards minority and African american students.

Racists are coming out of the closet much like the gay population has in the last decade or so.His supporters have seen the GOP candidate not be hurt by his remarks and he has been elected President and nothing of consequence has happened to him, so they feel “if he can get away with it, why cant I?”

What is alarming is that no one or group is putting a stop to this, no one is being chastised or admonished for this behavior. I hope those two yahoos get fired at the very least. Unfortunately they will probably have a parade for them, maybe they can go to North Carolina  and join the Trump parade being put on by the KKK there.

No pastors are upset about this behavior, social media is full of the stories but you do not see a reverend or one of the television evangelicals dedicating a program to combat this racism.

The extremists have been emboldened by Trump, they are starting to get out of control and I hope none of them are hurt when some people fight back, you know that is coming.

HST      11/14/16

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The Wall

I would not be surprised if Canada starts thinking about a wall but they were smart enough to have a real extensive procedure to apply for dual citizenship. It is hard to get approved, trust me, I looked it up.

The Mexicans? Hell, they will probably pay for the wall just to keep US out.

Here are some suggestions for the Trump cabinet purely in jest*cough*:

SEC chairman: Bernie Madoff

Wall Street overseer: Ivan Boesky

Secretary of Education: Sarah Palin

Ambassador to Cuba: Marco Rubio

Cultural attache’: Chachi

Ambassador to Siberia: Alec Baldwin

Secretary of Defense: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Secretary of health: Dr Ben Carson

Ambassador to Afghanistan: Ted Cruz

Coal mine inspector: Mark Cuban

Entertainment attache’:Rosie O’Donnell

Federal Reserve: John Stumpf

SVU director: Bill Cosby

IT director: Anthony Wiener

Health and Human services: Dr Jack Kevorkian ( yes he’s dead, so what?)

FBI director: Peter Sellers, yes he’s dead too

CIA director: Carrie Mathison

Immigration: Eric Estrada

Good start, we’ll see what develops







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Don’t trust her, cant stand him

So in a couple of weeks America will be voting for the person they want as President and at the same time they will also probably be voting for a person they dislike immensely. That’s what it has come down to. The ultimate lesser of two evils which has been bandied about for decades but it is finally true.

The groundswell against the Trumpster has been picking up steam of late. When you see Hollywood produce slick online “ads” and celebrities come out of the woodworks you know the “liberal elite” has coalesced their forces.

On the other hand the conservatives have rolled out the Wiki Leaks offensive. Leaked documents and e mails tarnishing the Clinton campaign as part of their October surprise. Rumors have it that Julian Assange has a Russian connection that leads right to Putin’s office. Based on the attack on the Clinton campaign, Julian Assange wants Trump to win the election or despises Hillary very much or both.

Trump not only has shot himself in the foot but is in the process of loading the gun ( his mouth) and getting ready to shoot his other foot with the pussyfooting (sorry couldn’t resist) around  the denial of the sexual harassment stories that are coming out, at last count there were eleven accusers as of 10/23. This will turn into a imbroglio of Cosby-like proportions.   Of course he cannot admit to it and he shouldn’t say he will sue them after the election ( which he has said he would) but he should talk policy and what his plans are and say he will handle the allegations after the election, but he can not do any of the above because he has painted himself into a corner.

Trump epitomizes what America is by working to build an empire and bullying his way around the world, being and thinking “we’re number one” being brash, opportunistic and at the same time being envied for being successful.

Hillary has a terrific resume’ great experience as a lawyer, a Senator, a Secretary of State, the First Lady and a governors wife. Unfortunately there is very little to like about her.Her pores ooze blind ambition and her years of dodging questions, subpoenas and inquiries almost makes her as bulletproof as John Gotti once was.

I predict the vote wont even be close, she will win and God help us either way.

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