More curmudgeon

Regardless of party affiliation, doesn’t the mental state of the current President worry anyone? Lies, backtracking, more lies, lies about the lies, subterfuge,more lies its like an avalanche of misinformation, your head spins so much you do not know what to believe, guess its working after all.

Will political parties ever be civil again considering the division and bad blood being created in Washington?

Should there be a new party? Not the Green party, not the Libertarians they couldn’t muster a million votes if they were giving away hand- jobs. How about the Cocktail Party? Everyone has their favorite drink to excess and whoever is left standing (without help of any-kind ) gets elected.

Term limits should be enacted across the board,if you cannot get your agenda or enrich yourself and your cronies in eight years time, boo-hoo.

Its really funny Trump calling Cohen a liar. Who do you believe the habitual liar or a lawyer? Tough choice I know.

How long will the GOP blame Obama and Hillary for their troubles? Over/Under says four more years.

Will the Millennials get out of their parents basement and vote in 2020?

Are parents of kids under ten years old even thinking about the  condition of the environment they will be leaving for their kids?

If certain countries in the Middle East hate the U.S. so much, shouldn’t we just get the hell out of there and let them blow themselves back to the Stone Age?

Hoping Marijuana gets legal status in all the states, just think of the increased sales of Doritos and Moon-pies. Besides no one has ever overdosed on pot and it is not a gateway drug as Reefer Madness would have you believe.

Will the current generation of teen age girls grow up self entitled, selfish and self centered after watching the Kardashians? Wait, this just in, they already are. Good role models those gold digging athlete humping hustlers.

Random thoughts from a twisted mind, in memory of HST.













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Dear Democrats

Please do not screw up this opportunity coming in November 2018,  please put all differences aside and back candidates that will appeal to the masses, example: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she did not have your backing and she upset a long timer.

Do not pull a Hillary like you did last election and undermine anyone that might have the pulse of the people, I know, I know Hillary won the popular vote, but I suspect Bernie would have done better.

Just for fun did anyone at the DNC consider running Bernie and Hillary together? Isn’t the purpose of the DNC to win regardless of the politics? I know, foolish right?

Please plan now and stop being so nice, get down in the dirt and play as nasty and hard as the GOP, stop being so NICE, there are no style points for that.

And listen to the kids, they were right on with Bernie.


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Just sayin, from a curmudgeon

Public notice: recent studies have shown an increase in fact checkers  enrolling in the Betty Ford clinic due to mental breakdowns, heavy drug use and alcoholism. The study showed the increase started on January,20th 2016 for some strange reason.

If doctors charge you for missing an appointment shouldn’t you be able to charge them when they cannot see you because they had an “emergency”?

Why do banks make you wait three days to receive money from an out of town check but the same bank takes the money out of your account immediately when you send it to an out of town bank?

Has customer service become an oxymoron? You call the cable company because your internet is down and before you have to run thru the gauntlet of menu options, press one for English, two for Spanish, three if you are hard of hearing, four if you are stupid, five if you are mentally challenged, six if you need a diaper change, seven if you are gender-neutral, eight if you are gluten intolerant, nine if you need a safe space, all to hear the first thing on the recording: “If you are having trouble, go to our website and check your options” You CANNOT go to their website because the fucking internet is down, which is why you are calling them in the first place!

And speaking of customer service when you call them why do they all have an accent like they are in Zafranistan or Chechnya and they say their name is “Mike” or “Sandy” and their accent is thicker than a pot of curry.

So when is the fine line drawn in the sand about weed? Some states will legalize it, some wont so will there be border police between those states? It’s like bringing Coors back to the east back in the 70’s, trunk loads of weed, but what do you do about the smell?

Is baseball going to be obsolete in the next ten years? It is such a slowwwwwwwwww game, the Millenials who have the attention span of a gnat are leaving the game in droves, no amount of in between innings “games” will bring them back. Kiss-cam, mascot races, lucky seat winner, Bark at the Park night, Transvestite night or five cent beer night will keep them coming to the park. Well, maybe the five cent beer night.

Who will be the first old rocker to croak onstage? Mick Jagger? Paul Mc Cartney? Steven Tyler? Rod Stewart? All over seventy and living on borrowed time. We know Keith Richards will survive a nuclear holocaust due to all the drugs he’s ingested.  Hell when hospitals  run out heroin they just hook him up to an I.V. and take what they need to replenish supplies.

Just sayin’




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Ruminations from a curmudgeon

Do we need a Walgreens and a CVS pharmacy not only across from each other but every five city blocks?

Should auto makers just stop putting turn signals on cars?

There is a test for a drivers license, pilot’s license, truck driver CDL, lawyers have to pass the Bar and Doctor’s have to intern, an electrician has to pass a test, shouldn’t there be a Marriage test before you get THAT license?

Today’s children are bratty, self entitled, selfish and obnoxious, that’s what you get when you cant spank, discipline or punish them. And their parents should be neutered so they don’t have any more of these Children of the Corn.

Just waiting for a law to be passed that flirting will be a misdemeanor. Don’t send cards and letters, I agree the Harvey Weinstein’s of this world need to be castrated at best,but you have to ask a lawyer these days if it okay to tell a woman she has a nice shape. In a few years women are going to have an inferiority complex because men will not be able to give them compliments thanks to the pulchritude police.

Do the Kardashian’s do anything worthwhile?  If they vanished tomorrow would the world be a better place? Are they donating anything to society besides fodder for the tabloids?

Why are people spending hundreds of millions of dollars to become Senators ? Is the graft/payoffs/benefits that good? Scott and Nelson are going to spend 100 million in their race for Florida. For gawds sake the salary for a Senator from Florida pays $29,697 plus $152 per diem while in session, does that make any sense?

The next gun nut that says they are trying to take away the second amendment away, I will shoot them.

Will the Democrats ever have a candidate with balls? Besides Hillary that is.

Why didn’t the fellow who followed the “Most interesting man in the world” in the Dos XX commercials work out? Not interesting enough?

Will the Christian Faith publishing company publish my porn story?

Why don’t the online dating service commercials show real people? Not Barbie and Ken, show toothless Billy Bob or Ralph the overweight used car salesman? Or Katie the thrice divorced single Mom with four kids from four different fathers?

A kindness to others costs nothing, don’t be hurt if not returned, just  move on and focus your kindness on the next person. And yes, treat others as they treat you.

Does anyone miss the TV show The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels? In this day and age with the megalomaniac in the White House it would be interesting to see their take on it.

I think now that Uber and Lyft exist drivers licenses should be taken away from anyone over 85 years old, give their cars to a white trash family and give the old geezers a year’s worth of free rides and keep those blind fuckers off the road.








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How to take over America, a primer

While five years ago this would be thought of as science fiction and even a publisher or studio mogul would laugh you out of their office, unfortunately like a bad reality show this has become, well……………. a bad reality show.

First elect someone who touches a nerve with the angry electorate who have been ignored and feel the “minorities” ( fill in the ethnic group of your choice here) are being treated better than they are.

Promise them America will be strong again and talk tough, bluster, threaten allies and promise “America First”

Promise a group of workers that their industry will be revitalized even though that industry is behind the times and becoming obsolete.

Break trade agreements that encourage globalization of domestic products and will hurt said industries.

Encourage racism by not denouncing hate groups and actually empowering them by doing so.

Hire a cabinet full of self serving Billionaires that in turn gut the departments they are given to run.

Ignore the world’s climate change agreement.

Deflate the working class by cutting Medicare, social services, food stamps,  social security and take away their healthcare.

Vote down a bill to help veterans.

Ignores his party’s voter suppression mandate.

Take away bank regulations.

Bow down to communications companies by voiding Net Neutrality.

Shrink National Parks size.

And last but not least have the nerve to pass a tax bill that only helps corporations and the 1% under the guise of helping ALL Americans.

Endorse an accused child molester for Senator.

Flat out lie like a rug, the only jobs he has created are for fact checkers.

We are blatantly being robbed at pen-point and short of taking to the streets the only choice is to vote as many out in 2018 and 2020.

Now here is the rest of the science fiction; this is all orchestrated by a businessman who has a history of bankruptcies and stiffing suppliers,  multiple wives whom he had affairs with before leaving the previous wife, been sued for housing discrimination, is thought of as a con artist in the circles of the rich and had been accused multiple times of sexual harassment and or assault while being caught on tape bragging about it. Oh, and making fun of the handicapped.

In memory of HST, my hero





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You couldn’t make this TV show up

Imagine being a studio executive and having to listen to this pitch for a television show;

We have a businessman who is known for his acumen (ACCORDING TO HIS OWN PRESS RELEASES) but in reality has failed at most endeavors but is kept afloat by family money, bankruptcies, stiffing suppliers and “loaning” his name on big building projects.

He has been a reality television star and decides to run for President in spite of being one of the most un-christian people on earth, has been married three times , cheated on all three wives. Has insulted the handicapped, Mexicans, the intelligence community, has threatened to jail the person running against him, has said he could shoot someone in plain view and get elected, insults war heroes, gold star families and treats women like sexual toys.

At this time you would imagine the studio executive wondering if this pitch man has lost his mind, but wait, there’s more.

The pitch continues; The candidate nor his family has served in the military but he said in public that he knew more than the generals and only he could defeat ISIS and do it within 100 days of him taking office.

His entire team including his sons, son in-law and cabinet will conspire with America’s hated enemy ( Russia)  to ensure he wins the election. Speaking of his team it will consist of a ultra right wing  supremacist, a Southern cracker from Alabama who for decades has tried to suppress minorities rights and voting rights. A black surgeon who couldn’t find his ass using two hands. An education secretary wanna be who only got there by donating tens of millions to the  campaign. An oil man for Secretary of State, a former Wall Streeter for Treasury, and get this: a lifetime hater of the EPA for, you guessed it, running the EPA.

The studio exec must be rolling his eyes by now right? but wait there’s more.

The communications office will be staffed with miscreants, sycophants, liars, two faced hyenas,yes men and women. The first communications mouthpiece will be a sawed off runt who looks like he was bullied in school and has a chip on his shoulder. The lady mouthpiece looks like she could fleece the skin off a snake and tell the snake it was doing it a favor. The next lady is pretty homely, she couldn’t get laid at a Navy shore leave. She even wore a pearl necklace for appeal but you know the joke about putting lipstick on a pig.

The best communications staffer for last. The bullied one resigned and another sawed off Joe Pesci wannabe took over. This guy in his first week was more profane than the entire Sopranos clan and picked a fight with the chief of staff and the aforementioned supremacist. This guy talked more about oral sex than Peter North.

A comedy of errors occur when the candidate says one thing, his minions back him up and then the next day he makes a 180 turn and rolls his people under the bus. Its helter skelter with everyone taking cover.

And get this, every morning he sits on the toilet and tweets his thoughts to his followers.

At this time the studio exec would say that it is too far fetched, people could not buy that premise, too far from reality.

But wait, there will be more, later.

Well the later has arrived just a few days after posting this Scaramucci has been fired by the Mad Twitterer just ten days after staring the job. You really cant make this up, really.

In memory of HST







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Summary of Trump’s 100 day plan* at day 175

*Taken right off his website when he was running for his party’s nomination, courtesy of the Daily Surge.

So here is the comprehensive and ambitious plan before the surprise win and the Russian connection became apparent. Almost 180 days in.


  1. Cancel all unconstitutional Obama executive orders./Program under way, working
  2.  SCOTUS: Replace Scalia with a judge who will uphold the constitution. With right wing/conservative/faux Christian values. Done, working.
  3. Establish term limits for Congress. Not discussed, not working, no chance.
  4. Hiring freeze for non-military government jobs. Not applied.
  5. Eliminate two existing regulations for each new regulation./what new regulations? eliminating left and right, it’s like a free for all.
  6. Five year ban on post -Congress lobbying.  Yes, done.
  7. Limits on foreign governmental lobbying. Ummm, as long as it’s not Russians.
  8. Fix Washington corruption. Surely you fucking jest. okay so four out of 8 aint bad.


  1. Renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA/Lots of bluster, no action.
  2. Withdraw from Trans Pacific Partnership/ No sale so fah Charlee
  3. Identify China as currency manipulator/ Not done, had chance, gutless
  4. End unfair trade abuses/not so far.
  5. Lift restrictions on energy reserves/HUH?
  6. Allow Keystone pipeline and similar projects/yes
  7. Cancel payment to UN climate change : use money to fix our own environment and infrastructure/yes on the first part, no on the second.

1.5 out of seven.


  1. Only three brackets, down from seven/not yet
  2. Middle class tax relief :average 35% tax cut/not yet, a tease at this point
  3. Reduce business tax rate from 35% to 15%, bring money back to U.S. create more jobs/not yet, really?
  4. Tariffs to stop U.S. firms from relocating abroad.

0 for four



  1. Rebuild military, end sequester/headed that way
  2. Veterans health reforms/aint easy, working on it
  3. Fix the VA/ see #2
  4. Cancel federal funding of sanctuary cities/ did that, most cities told him to fuck off
  5. Deport 2 million illegal criminals; cancel visas from countries who wont take em back/work in progress
  6. Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot occur/unless the Trump Organization does business there
  7. End illegal immigration/did we ever have any other plan?
  8. Build the wall/sure, just waiting for Mexico to make the down payment
  9. Two year mandatory prison sentence for breaking immigration law/ sort of defeats the crackdown on deporting illegal criminals
  10. Five year mandatory sentence for convicted felons who re-enter the US/working on it
  11. Penalties for visa infractions/a work in progress
  12. Require immigrants to support our values/ ambitious, impressive, impossible to apply/monitor/implement

Will give him four out of twelve

  1. Establish community crime prevention program/isn’t that called Crime Watch?

Help eliminate criminal gangs/Is this new?

0 for 2

F. Healthcare

The first version did not pass, the second version doesn’t look like it will either. It is an obscene money grab/tax break for the rich and screw the poor.

  1. Repeal and replace Obamacare/harder to kill the Freddy Krueger
  2. Health savings accounts/nice try, not happening
  3. Purchase insurance across state lines/see #2
  4. States to manage Medicaid funds/they have done so well so far, see Florida
  5. Speed up approval of life saving drugs/ as long as they don’t cost $1700 a pill     


  1. 1.Allowances for parents to choose schools/this is the charter school come on and a gimme
  2. End common core/doing it
  3. Expand vocational and technical education/coming soon to a theatre near you.

In closing 2 out of three here. Now for the elephant in the room: ISIS, he said “Only I can defeat ISIS, I know more than the Generals”he is full of shit, wouldn’t know an ISIS  combatant unless that guy was hiding in the rough on one of his golf courses.

Go over the list, have fun. In memory of HST.


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Democrats, get off your asses

Dear Democrats, I love you, I am one, but I am still seething over what you did to Bernie in 2016  but let bygones be bygones. A few suggestions to start putting into effect starting very, very soon.

Clean out everyone who was power in the DNC in 2016, they backed the wrong horse and should be at the very least shamed in public for screwing Bernie.

Bernie is wonderful and the kids love him and he has great ideas but he will be almost 80 in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren is great and a tireless attacker of the GOP but she will be almost 75 in 2020.

Sure, Trump is 70 but he doesn’t look it or act like it and perception is everything.

Please plan NOW for the 2018 mid term elections and really for 2020, find some Dems under 50 years of age to start grooming them for not only 2020 but 2024 too.

Here are a few :

Stacey Abrams: State representative, Georgia

Pete Buttigieg: Mayor of South Bend

Julian Castro: US secretary of housing and urban development

Tulsi Gabbard:State representative, Hawaii

Eric Garcetti: Mayor, Los Angeles

Andrew Gillum: Mayor, Tallahassee

Hakeem Jeffries: State representative, Nu Yawk

Mike Johnston: Senator, Colorado

Joseph P.Kennedy: State representative, Massachusetts

Seth Moulton: State representative, Massachusetts

These are just a few, there are more, I did not opine on any of the above so that you may look them up on your own and make your own opinion.

We as a group, organization have to join together and fight hard and have the same vision from city councils all the way up to the White House. Stop being so “nice” and get down and dirty just like the GOP does, “nice” doesn’t win you elections. A lot of what is being undone by President Twitter and his henchmen today has to be corrected tomorrow.

Please contact your local branch and volunteer, and start NOW.

in memory of HST






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You better learn these Russian words

In light of the recent revelations that Russia interfered with our presidential elections in 2016 I thought it would be prudent to do a few things:

Buy stock in Rosetta Stone , I think a lot of people will start to try to study the language.

Learn to like eating borscht

Buy cold weather clothes in case some of us get shipped to Siberia

I would say get used to the taste of vodka, but some of us have been practicing that for years, ditto for caviar.

Kidding, but think about this for a moment, another country’s “government” decided to put major resources into influencing our presidential election because they did not like a certain candidate. I know, I know she was not liked here either but it took some serious planning to pull this off. Yes, I understand they did not fool with voting machines but they influenced people’s opinions  towards a particular candidate who was already polarizing enough to have done the job all by herself.

So are we Russian dupes? Were a lot of people not going to vote for her anyway? Would the election have gone another way if The Donald was not a candidate? I don’t know, I have no way of knowing and probably running a dead guy against her would have given us the same results and I don’t mean Bernie.

Some words and phrases to learn how to say in Russian, please add any you deem needed.




how much?

are you kidding me?

no way Jose …………..except it would have to be changed to Sergei




firing squad


great, fantastic, incredible,leader: all to be used if you get asked about Putin.

Hope the next time I write this it wont be from Saint Peterburg and I don’t mean Florida.

In memory of HST.







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Thanks Dems for the president !

Before any of you get your panties in a wringer let me say I am a registered Democrat and have been since 2006 when I switched over from the GOP after  President Cheney got his puppet George W to do his bidding. I had also been watching the hypocrisy of GOP’ers  spouting Christian beliefs and getting caught with hookers, under-aged partners, kids, drugs and homosexual liaisons.

Nothing against the gay community but don’t be spouting Christian values and get caught sliding your foot under the bathroom stall looking for a sausage sandwich. Or if you are straight don’t get caught banging your babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane, but I digress.

The point is there is no outrage against the “leadership” ( there’s an oxymoron for you)  of the DNC who railroaded Bernie in order to get Hellary in office because they thought she was the “sure thing”. The only sure thing was they handed the election to Twitler who has turned out to be worse than possibly imagined and he’s only six weeks into his term. Everyone at the DNC should be shown the door, I do not know if putting Perez and Ellison in the lead will help but it’s a start.

So here is the point: all the ranting and railing on social media is not going to topple President Twitler out of office, it’s not going to take the GOP out of power and its not going to give people decent health care. And speaking of healthcare the GOP is pushing their program as an “opportunity’ for people to get healthcare and that it will be “available for all that need it” until you see the price tag and what little it covers.

That great humanitarian Sen. Jason Chaffetz R-Utah suggested people by pass getting an expensive cell phone so they can afford healthcare. Jason, get your head out of your ass and realize that is not possible and while you are at it enjoy your FREE healthcare and perks, but I digress.

So back to the point: postings on social media are not going to shift the balance of power, planning for the midterm elections IS and the big prize is going to be in 2020. We cannot hope that the public gets fed up with the GOP insensitivity, lack of inclusiveness, the meddling in reproductive rights, the pushing of their religious agenda and the protection of the 1%’s wealth (including theirs). If you don’t think there is funny goings on in Washington just look at Mitch Mc Connell’s net worth when he started in congress and what it is today, but I digress dammit!

Start now, congregate, communicate and integrate yourself first into local politics, then county, then state and finally national, especially you millennials, it’s going to take a large group of you voting to help right this ship.

In memory of HST




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