Well kids this is what they wrote in the bible about Armageddon, the battle of good versus evil.

Now of course depending on what “side” you are on it’s hard to determine who is who. A lot of folks think Trump is the anti-Christ but his followers think Dems are baby killers, cannibals, pedophiles and sacrifice virgins on a regular basis, providing that you could find any virgins anywhere, like finding an honest politician huh?

So obviously this election will decide in which direction the United States and therefore the world will be headed.

Trump’s followers will vote for him no matter what because they love his Nationalistic isolationist policies, his appearance of being tough on China, immigrants, Antifa, protesters and anyone not white skinned. They love that while not coming out explicitly for white supremacy his lack of condemnation for them is a tacit approval, let’s not forget his “very fine people on both sides” comment.

His inaction and “not wanting to cause a panic” is a weak excuse for letting this CV19 get out of control. It is on it’s way to killing over 250,000 Americans while having the power of the Federal government at his command and not using it until it was too late.

If you like him vote for him and hope your children and grandchildren are not impacted by his actions.

If you don’t like Joe or Kamala think of the consequences of four more years of weakening our environment and the circumventing of our Constitution.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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