Modern day coliseum

Remember the movies about ancient Rome and the gatherings at the coliseum or (Colosseum as they called it back then) when the crowd’s whim would give the thumbs up or down to let someone die or be saved?

Today we have the same thing except the stage is a sound stage on shows by Maury, Jerry, Steve, Dr.Phil and the like. The crowd is worked up into a frenzy much like the crowds were in ancient Rome. It is a spectacle on both sides of the stage both from the rabid almost frothing at the mouth spectators and the soon to have fifteen minutes of fame participants which if you notice have primped and prompted themselves with their Sunday finest, newly bought hair extensions or braids and new shoes which will be coming off after the first hair pulling or fist swinging occurs.

Please correct me if I am wrong but it appears that most combatants speak with either a southern drawl or an thuggish accent, no disrespect to trailer trash. They take their fifteen minutes of fame seriously, no politically correct conversations, the bleep button has to be hit more times than a Mike Tyson opponent.

There should be a drinking game when watching these shows where you take a shot if : a wig gets pulled off someones head, shoes come flying off or men swing wildly at each other like windmills in a hurricane and hit nothing.

The sad part is that the “hosts” are nothing more than modern day P.T.Barnum’s egging on the train wreck while trying to look like they are trying to solve the problem these low rent imbeciles created in their tawdry lives.

These shows must be successful because of how long they have been on for but look at some of their advertisers: DNA test labs (for paternity tests and urine samples) medicare sites, Nosey app where you can re-watch these train wrecks, Life Alert ( in case you see your Grandchild on there and code out) JG Wentworth in case you want your settlement early from that slip and fall at the supermarket, EARGo in case you cant hear the yelling and threats on these shows and Car Shield in case you cant afford to fix your 1985 Ford Taurus that Granny left you.

Some of these shows started out well meaning, politics, social issues, ect but gradually they noticed the trashier the “talent” the better the ratings. Morton Downey started all of this way back from 1987-1989, there were actual fistfights and even fights in the audience on this show. This was the start of the dumbing down of audiences.

What does this tell us about society? It’s like when you go to a NASCAR race, you might deny it but you go because deep inside you know there is going to be a wreck and you want to see it.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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