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What a Country ! Religious Zombies

I really admire the Conservative Christians, the Religious Right, the Holy Rollers for their conviction and the faith in their faith and unwavering support of the causes that they believe in. What I have a HUGE problem with is that … Continue reading

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What a country! Lowlifes in the Florida Legislature

Residents of Florida beware, the Legislature is trying to pass a bill that shields current members, past members , current and past staff from being sued and from requesting depositions from any lawsuits whatsoever. The timing is interesting because the … Continue reading

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Restaurant review: Carmen’s Top of the Bridge

My wife and I eat out about twice a week depending on our social schedule. On occasion we like to do something special usually around a  date like a birthday or an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. On this V-day I made … Continue reading

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What a country! One Million Morons

I am not gay but injustice and bullying from “groups” that want to tell others what is right for them is getting to the point that self interest groups are going to need lobbyists for their lobbyists. Recently the group … Continue reading

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What a country! The GOP circus continues

Comedy and Political writers everywhere woke up with hard-ons or perky nipples this week when the results of the Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado caucuses came in and showed Rick “Sanctimonious” Santorum winning them all. It was a shock because the pundits … Continue reading

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The Great Obama Minstrel show

Dear readers I am sure you have wondered when I was going to get around to The Hipster or as he is more commonly known as President Barack Obama. Now is the time that the new year is upon us, … Continue reading

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