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Your Democratic Presidential candidates…………in jest

These are in alphabetical order so no favoritism is shown, although you can probably tell who has it and who will not: Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado, bland, white bread wouldn’t hurt a fly, polling under 1% Joe Biden, former … Continue reading

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Clinton versus Trump

Look kids now that its time for the major leaguers since the posers (Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich) the wannabees ( Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina) the clueless (Ben Carson, Jeb Bush) and the mensch (Bernie Sanders) are done.It’s … Continue reading

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Bernie media bias

In yesterday’s Indiana primary all the cable channels could talk about was Trump,Trump,Trump. hardly a mention of Bernie’s upset of Hillary. In fact the day before the Indiana primary in a Associated Press article by Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday 4/26 or fear and loathing in the Northeast

So the Donald takes all five states even after the misguided collaboration between John “I need a personality transfusion” Kasich and Ted ” why doesn’t anyone like me” Cruz that they tried this week. It was a backdoor deal to … Continue reading

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Not in 2016 please ! after coffee

Well kids I’ve had my coffee, we are three weeks in 2016 and its looking mighty odd already. Another Kardashian ( Khloe) has admitted to creating a  sex tape.  Don’t these girls know when to hire a P.R. firm instead of making … Continue reading

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What a Country! GOP help women?

I just finished reading a humor filled column by Noelle Ninkompoop of Fox News. I did not know she was also a comedy writer. The headline in a national  newspaper screamed: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Naturally this caught my eye … Continue reading

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What a Country! The GOP frontrunner

Well folks it looks like Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney is halfway to the GOP nomination, Rick “no sodomy allowed ” Santorum is not going to get his wish of a contested convention after losing  the primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland … Continue reading

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