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Miami Marlins: The Three Stooges

Well. well, well………pitcher Mark Buehrle came out without mincing any words and flat out stated that Marlins management repeatedly lied to him on multiple occasions. There is no shock there, the three stooges who run this franchise: Larry (Beinfest) Curly (Sampson) and owner … Continue reading

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Electoral and more losers

There were some extraordinary losers in Tuesday’s elections. People that are not used to losing lost big time. Some lost money which they have plenty of. Some lost reputations which are hard to come by. Some lost face which for … Continue reading

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GOP………R.I.P. ……………..what went wrong.

I want you to know that I am registered Republican and I am not proud of it. The party that I joined is not the same party that exists today. It has been hijacked by the tea party and the religious … Continue reading

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Obama……………..reasons why you should vote

1. He ended the war in Iraq, which he did not start. 2. He will end the war in Afghanistan, which he also did not start. 3. He prevented the auto industry from imploding. 4. He prevented the U.S. from … Continue reading

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