The Floriduh legislature

What Florida needs:

Property insurance restructuring costs and coverage.

Climate change action.

Faster condo foundation inspections.

Rental housing affordability and availability correction.

Algae choked waterways, clean water, Everglades restoration.

Minimum wage law.

Aging infrastructure repairs.

Day care that is affordable.

What the legislature and Herr De Santis have been obsessing on:

Schools teaching CRT, which was never on any curriculum.

Schools/Teachers teaching about gender/sexuality identity which was never in any curriculum.

mask/no mask mandates.

Suing companies, school-boards etc, for following safety protocols provided by the CDC.

Math books with imaginary hidden agendas.

Woke companies.

The state government has spent millions of your dollars either going to court or getting sued for these ideas that are just grandstanding for the support of their base.

Might take a few elections but we have to move them out little by little. The Republican party here is just mean spirited and they think that their beliefs are wanted by the majority.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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