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America at the shrink’s

We snuck a microphone into America’s psychiatrist’s office and have decided to play excerpts from America’s last therapy session from the week of November 9th of this year, be warned this is not for the faint of heart. Doc: Hello … Continue reading

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GOP committing suicide, where’s Robin Hood?

I cannot hold it any longer but I wonder what’s happened to the Republican party, the party of Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It’s a party I have not recognized in years hence my leaving them eight years … Continue reading

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What a Country! Rush Limbaugh is out of control

At last count nine companies have dropped their sponsorships of Rush’s radio show. One radio station has dropped his show due to the “slut” comment aimed at student Sandra Fluke last week on his oh so popular radio show. It … Continue reading

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Why does America care so much?

Don’t get me wrong America is still the greatest country in the world even though our armor is a bit tarnished as of late. We jump the minute there is a natural disaster in the world to help out with … Continue reading

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