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Dick Cheney: Dr. Strangelove Lives!

Well folks, when uncle Dick Cheney’s memoirs, In My Time, comes out soon you will unfortunately have a nasty vision of Uncle Dick masturbating over the nuclear button in the White House. Talk about a war monger, this guy made Genghis Khan … Continue reading

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Charter Schools: Governor Rick Scott’s Recipe For Disaster, Ahem, Success

Here in Florida, the land of the blind, deaf, and dumb voters, we have elected another Governor who is enamored of charter schools. The last Governor, Bush IV,  the one with at least half a brain (unlike his brother the … Continue reading

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Democratic Presidential Candidates or Is this the Titanic berth?

  To date: Barack Obama  born, 1961 current president. Made history by being the first African-American elected to the presidency. Tried to bring a policy of consensus and cooperation to  politics but ran into a Republican NO, NO,NO campaign. Tried to … Continue reading

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Republican Presidential Candidates for 2012 or The voyage of the dammed

  Folks here is a an all star list of the Republican Presidential candidates. Please do not confuse them with automatons, Stepford wives, clueless wonders, reprobates, miscreants or talentless misogynists.   There are a few who will actually merit some … Continue reading

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The 5% solution

as you can see by the chart corporate tax revenue is at about 5%  that is where I got my figures, that is why I say that corporations should pay their fair share

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$ENATOR Eric Cantor (R-VA) Represents Corporations Rather Than People

$enator Cantor of Virginia is the darling of the investment community.He is accused of being the champion of hedge funds, private equity firms, and real estate partnerships in their quest to keep tax codes the same as they are currently … Continue reading

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