Dear Marco & Ted (Rafael)

Let’s start by admitting that I am a Cuban-American. I was sent here by my parents along with my sister in 1962 to escape the Castro regimes’ takeover of what once was a beautiful tropical paradise. I was six years old and my sister was eight.

We grew up and were raised by our aunts and uncles in the new capitol of Cuba, Miami,Florida.

I would not vote for either one of these demagogues if my life depended on it. A lot of my friends and customers that know my heritage ask me if I am voting for either one of these clowns and they are surprised when I say what I just wrote at the beginning of this paragraph.

Here are my issues: Ted must be ashamed of his Cuban heritage because he uses that name instead of his given name, Rafael. He panders to the right wing nuts, tea baggers and ultra conservative loonies in the dysfunctional state of Texas. He acts like a outsider when the truth could not be further from it.

He had no problem shutting down the government when it was convenient for him to make a grandstanding play. He solved nothing, didn’t proffer an alternative solution,  voted to cut assistance to the elderly, homeless and what really frosts my ass: veterans.

He is a self serving, aggrandizing, smarmy, demagogue, other than that he is a credit to the human race. I would vote for Trump rather than vote for “Ted”.And Trump is a major blowhard.

And lets not bring up the Canadian birth thing. It appears that the right wing nuts that were harping ad nauseam about Obama’s birth certificate are suddenly silent about “Rafael’s” birthplace.

Marco on the other hand is a shape shifter who changes his views depending on where the wind is blowing. He’s for immigration and then he is not. He is running on the scare the pants off people platform. He says America is headed in the wrong direction, gloom and doom and of course he will fix it by making the military stronger…..? Really ? that will fix everything?  He says he will go in and destroy ISIS, he wont personally, he will send more young Americans to die, that plan has not worked.

Ted voted against Obamacare but needs it for his family, what irony. Marco never fails to mention his immigrant parents but is dead set against bringing them in unless a lengthy vetting is done. If this is the best the Grey Old Party can do expect to see a democrat in the White House after the elections.

Trump, I’ll tackle on separate blog, he needs one all by himself









About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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