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Mentioned it before but why doesn’t Peta protest at rodeos?

Why did a lot of women vote for Trump in 2016? Will they again?

Will the Democrats get a backbone and play as dirty as the Rape-publicans?

Why is Mike Pence afraid to be in a room with a woman not his wife?

Will Bernie’s backers bail out of the 2020 election if he does not get the nomination or croaks by then?

Groper versus grabber in 2020?

Since the scientists are saying it is too late (10 to 15 years) for climate change reversal shouldn’t we just live it up and say fuckitall?

Why, why,why does the GOP and Evangelicals care so much about what a woman does with her vagina and why do they care if Ken wants to marry Bob and Sally wants to marry Susie? We don’t care if they want to marry their cousin or their sheep. Really, we don’t. If they are that Christian why wont they take care of said child when it is homeless, starving , in need of medical care or being abused?

The GOP should be renamed the Greed Over People party.

Glad to see weed, CBD and hemp making inroads into being legalized, those three can  help so many. Hemp can be used to replace plastics, papers, Styrofoam, weed and CBD can help those with medical issues like PTSD, seizures and alleviate those on chemo and radiation.

Wonder if Roy Moore’s political campaign bus will be named the Candy Bus?

If Trump is hiring the best, why are people leaving his administration faster than a preacher at a YMCA concert?

One place where karma is administered properly is jails. Ever notice how child molesters and serial killers wind up having an “accident” there?

I do not understand why the Catholic church does not excommunicate and ban all priests accused of being pedophiles. Is that part of their forgiveness mantra?

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