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The Republican comedy show continues,What a Country!

Well kids the comedy just keeps on coming from those crazy kids running for President in the Republican primaries.  Ron Paul,Mitt Romney,Rick Santorum,Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann.Should come out of the Iowa caucus in that order based on polls out … Continue reading

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What a country!-A generation of entitled,enabled pansies

From the little league teams that don’t add runs scored so that the losing team does not feel bad. To the leagues that have a mercy rule so the namby pambies don’t have their feelings hurt .We are raising a generation of pussies and … Continue reading

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Newt………an endorsment or is it?

This week the Manchester-Union Ledger newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich for the New Hampshire primary which is the earliest one held for the presidential hopefuls. While this is not a shock due to their ultra conservative stance over the years, it goes … Continue reading

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