The nightmare is over………….

Now that Trump is out of office (notice I did not say gone) we as a country can start to heal from the damage done by him and his minions.

If you had written a script for everything that transpired in the last four years they would have laughed you out of Hollywood or maybe done it under a SciFi script.

Racists scurrying out from under rocks, some even working in the administration, he did a great job in empowering them to show their true colors.

It did bring the National shame that was kept under wraps out in the open like the relative who is kept in the back room because they are ” not well in the head” who escaped for a joyride.

It took a consortium of voters to topple him, those who just turned the voting age before November, African-Americans ( thank you Stacy) and people who had their stomachs turned by the antics of a reality show carnival barker and con artist.

I trust there is a lesson here, I suspect his people felt marginalized by all the alleged catering done by liberals to minorities, women and dare I say it?………………illegals.

I still wonder what a Psychologist would say in trying to figure out how the majority of white women voted for a serial groper and one who denigrated women who did not be to his liking.

Let’s move on and hope we do not see his type again. #gojoe


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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