The Curious Curmudgeon

Will airlines flying to and fro the abortion states charge for two passengers if the woman is pregnant?

Will Trump reach 20,000 lies by 2020?

Since there are shows about practically everything, how long before we have Beverly Hills Proctologist?

Who has the biggest blind eye? The Christian right about Trump or the Catholic Church about pedophile priests?

I wish South Florida weather persons would stop hyperventilating when there is a fart of a storm off the coast of Africa.

When did you have to mortgage your home in order to buy concert tickets? I looked into nose-bleed seats for the Rolling Stones and they were $248.00  each + service charges, in a stadium to boot.

Could auto dealers explain “acquisition fee” and “dealer prep” fee?

Psychiatrists and Psychologists having to carry liability insurance is not very comforting, if they screw you up how do you know? Will they tell you? Is there a statute of limitations on therapy? Two years or three meltdowns?

Ever notice mass shooters in the America are white, ugly and couldn’t get laid in a bordello with a fistful of Benjamin’s?

Hoping Marijuana becomes legal in all the states, can you imagine the increased sales of Moon-pies and Doritos’s? It’s not a gateway drug, no one has ever overdosed on it as Reefer Madness would have you believe.

I think they should combine the shows: My 600lb life, 16 and pregnant, Hoarders and the Kardashians and call it Dysfunction Junction.

If doctors are allowed to charge you for missing an appointment shouldn’t you be able to charge them when they bump yours?

Which rocker will be the first to croak onstage? Mick, Paul, Steven, Rod? They are all pushing past seventy. We know Keith Richards and cockroaches are the only things that are able to survive a nuclear holocaust, so he is safe.

Random thoughts of a restless mind, in memory of HST


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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