Movie treatise, believable?

So a man decides to run for President, he is reviled in his hometown of New York City and is considered a conman by many there.

His apartment rental company is cited for blocking minorities from renting.

His charity is fined and dissolved by state authorities for misusing funds and his children were involved.

He disparages minorities, war heroes, Gold Star families, the disabled, women and anyone that disagrees with him.

His lies are fact checked, they run into the tens of thousands.

He is accused of sexual improprieties by dozens of women.

He has an affair with a porn star while his third wife is giving birth and tries to cover that up with hush money and breaks several financial laws by doing so.

He is the only President to refuse to attend the inauguration of the incoming President and formulates a campaign of disinformation to deny that he lost.

He cozies up to dictators and befriends them.

He promises affordable healthcare that never materializes.

He takes home classified documents that he says he is entitled to and tries to circumvent authorities from getting them.

He says white nationalists/Nazis are “fine people”.

He encourages his followers to an insurrection and does nothing to call them off.

He instructs his Vice-President to not allow for certification of the election.

Think Hollywood would buy this story, would they consider this fiction or fantastical ?

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Dating Hell, the Lobster Lady

I hear stories but here is mine from a long time ago, married now fourteen wonderful years (thanks Kat) but had to pass it on.

One of my employees, a fellow single came in Monday with a story to tell. He had been at a local watering hole and met a lady and her friend.

He hooked up with the friend and told me that he was meeting her again and she was bringing her friend along and I should go and meet her and he had told her about me and seemed interested.

Sold I said ! We made arrangements to meet them at one of our haunts on a Friday night. At the time I had been single for about a decade and was well versed on the do’s and dont’s of “meets”.

Never make dinner plans, drinks first and if there was a mutual attraction you could transition from there. Two, have a friend call you during the meet (you think you ladies are the only ones that do that?)

Since my buddy was with me I did not need the call but I planned just in case since he liked to drink and he already had a sure thing going.

I had asked him what she looked like and all he could remember was that she “had a great ass”. So I said that we would have a code phrase in case she did not pass the eye test. The code phrase was going to be : How about that golf shot on Sunday”.

If I said that it meant that I would have the drink and then create an excuse to leave.

So I met him at the bar/restaurant and sat at the bar waiting for the ladies to show. Two ladies walked in the door which was about forty feet away and he said, there they are, mine’s the on in the red dress.

From that distance I said the phrase. The rest happened so fast that I thought I was in a nightmare. As they walked towards us the Maitre’d walked up to my buddy and said, Sir, the table is ready. I looked at him and said what table? He said he had made reservations for dinner. We were ushered to a nearby table and there was no way out for me.

The ladies walked up to us and “my date” gave me a hug and said she was pleasantly surprised that my friend had not told her how handsome I was. Oy vey !

She was about five feet tall, I could tell she had recently lost some weight because she had squeezed herself into a dress that she hadn’t worn in ten years and was STILL tight on her cause she still weighed about 160lbs. And her ass had gone missing.

She had a voice like a truck driver gargling with rocks. She was almost jumping in her seat. We received the menus,

It was a seafood restaurant. The waiter came over and as I was looking at the menu my “date” garbled “I want lobster” I grabbed her menu and said, sure no problem. See, I had noticed they had a lobster special for $19.99 and the market price lobster.

So I pointed to the $19.99 special to the waiter and said she’ll have that one.

When her lobster came the first thing she said was: “it’s so small, I want a lobster like that man’s ” she pointed to the table next to us and that man was having the Market price lobster.

I told her while pointing at the lobster “your lobster is a first date lobster, his is second date lobster.”

My buddy didn’t know where to hide. To change the subject she said I hear you dance Latin, heard we were going dancing afterwards. I looked at my “pal” with a death stare.

No dear we are not I said, and she laughed it off.

We finished dinner we went out to the parking lot and I said goodnight. She looked at my buddy and said: but you said he would dance with me, he can’t be leaving.

I said, watch me get into that blue car and wave as I go by. And I did.

The next morning when he came to work he asked if I was going to fire him. Thought about it but he meant well. Never took another set up from him again.

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LIV tour v.s. PGA

So here is the problem encountered by the new golf league versus the established hierarchy of the PGA;

Yes, agreed that the players are chasing the money, and it is BIG money, if I was offered 100 million dollars I would jump faster that you can say Jack Sprat.

Yes, the Saudis have a bad record of human rights violations. While folks are crying about that I don’t see anyone complaining about the NBA being in bed with China considering their horrible human rights record and their concentration/re-education camps they have for the Uyghur’s.

But back to golf. The PGA did not think ahead and did not realize fans want to see players that they like. I do not want to see Joe Blistik from Paducah or Billy Bob Bumpkin from Tulsa. I noticed in the last few T.V. tournaments that there were not as many spectators on the course and the fewer in the stands.

So what this would do, it would dilute fans buying tickets to live events and most importantly drop T.V. viewership which would impact the next round of contracts with cable companies, which means a drop in revenue.

I want to see stars, I want to see Phil Mickleson flare out from a sand-trap, I want to see Brison De Chamblay blast a 400 yard drive, I want to see Brooks Koepka miss a three foot putt. I want to see Dustin Johnson get to a par 5 in two and three putt.

It’s funny after the LIV tour came out how quickly the PGA tour upped their payouts to the players, like they could not have done this before. And coincidentally the LPGA tour did the same for the ladies.

There is going to be a lot of litigation between these two entities in the coming years, it is far from over.

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Floriduh legislature is out of control

Our stalwart Legislators in Florida have their priorities in the wrong place, recently pushed thru legislation:

No Critical Race Theory to be taught in any school in Florida .but you can teach about how bad communism is.

Don’t Say gay bill.

Anti protester statutes that allow you to run them over if you so choose, I kid you not.

Local school boards and governments cannot impose mask mandates.

Created a voter fraud force even thought only four people were accused of voter fraud.

Big Tech censorship bill.

Banned abortions after fifteen weeks.

Banned certain books the wackos though had hidden meanings.

Proposed an open carry bill.

Screwed Disney out of their self governing status after they opposed the Don’t Say gay bill.

What they did not address:

Home owner insurance relief.

Toxic algae water bill.

School safety.

Fuel prices.

And we keep electing these idiots, I do not know why

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The Floriduh legislature

What Florida needs:

Property insurance restructuring costs and coverage.

Climate change action.

Faster condo foundation inspections.

Rental housing affordability and availability correction.

Algae choked waterways, clean water, Everglades restoration.

Minimum wage law.

Aging infrastructure repairs.

Day care that is affordable.

What the legislature and Herr De Santis have been obsessing on:

Schools teaching CRT, which was never on any curriculum.

Schools/Teachers teaching about gender/sexuality identity which was never in any curriculum.

mask/no mask mandates.

Suing companies, school-boards etc, for following safety protocols provided by the CDC.

Math books with imaginary hidden agendas.

Woke companies.

The state government has spent millions of your dollars either going to court or getting sued for these ideas that are just grandstanding for the support of their base.

Might take a few elections but we have to move them out little by little. The Republican party here is just mean spirited and they think that their beliefs are wanted by the majority.

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Modern day coliseum

Remember the movies about ancient Rome and the gatherings at the coliseum or (Colosseum as they called it back then) when the crowd’s whim would give the thumbs up or down to let someone die or be saved?

Today we have the same thing except the stage is a sound stage on shows by Maury, Jerry, Steve, Dr.Phil and the like. The crowd is worked up into a frenzy much like the crowds were in ancient Rome. It is a spectacle on both sides of the stage both from the rabid almost frothing at the mouth spectators and the soon to have fifteen minutes of fame participants which if you notice have primped and prompted themselves with their Sunday finest, newly bought hair extensions or braids and new shoes which will be coming off after the first hair pulling or fist swinging occurs.

Please correct me if I am wrong but it appears that most combatants speak with either a southern drawl or an thuggish accent, no disrespect to trailer trash. They take their fifteen minutes of fame seriously, no politically correct conversations, the bleep button has to be hit more times than a Mike Tyson opponent.

There should be a drinking game when watching these shows where you take a shot if : a wig gets pulled off someones head, shoes come flying off or men swing wildly at each other like windmills in a hurricane and hit nothing.

The sad part is that the “hosts” are nothing more than modern day P.T.Barnum’s egging on the train wreck while trying to look like they are trying to solve the problem these low rent imbeciles created in their tawdry lives.

These shows must be successful because of how long they have been on for but look at some of their advertisers: DNA test labs (for paternity tests and urine samples) medicare sites, Nosey app where you can re-watch these train wrecks, Life Alert ( in case you see your Grandchild on there and code out) JG Wentworth in case you want your settlement early from that slip and fall at the supermarket, EARGo in case you cant hear the yelling and threats on these shows and Car Shield in case you cant afford to fix your 1985 Ford Taurus that Granny left you.

Some of these shows started out well meaning, politics, social issues, ect but gradually they noticed the trashier the “talent” the better the ratings. Morton Downey started all of this way back from 1987-1989, there were actual fistfights and even fights in the audience on this show. This was the start of the dumbing down of audiences.

What does this tell us about society? It’s like when you go to a NASCAR race, you might deny it but you go because deep inside you know there is going to be a wreck and you want to see it.

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The nightmare is over………….

Now that Trump is out of office (notice I did not say gone) we as a country can start to heal from the damage done by him and his minions.

If you had written a script for everything that transpired in the last four years they would have laughed you out of Hollywood or maybe done it under a SciFi script.

Racists scurrying out from under rocks, some even working in the administration, he did a great job in empowering them to show their true colors.

It did bring the National shame that was kept under wraps out in the open like the relative who is kept in the back room because they are ” not well in the head” who escaped for a joyride.

It took a consortium of voters to topple him, those who just turned the voting age before November, African-Americans ( thank you Stacy) and people who had their stomachs turned by the antics of a reality show carnival barker and con artist.

I trust there is a lesson here, I suspect his people felt marginalized by all the alleged catering done by liberals to minorities, women and dare I say it?………………illegals.

I still wonder what a Psychologist would say in trying to figure out how the majority of white women voted for a serial groper and one who denigrated women who did not be to his liking.

Let’s move on and hope we do not see his type again. #gojoe

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Well kids this is what they wrote in the bible about Armageddon, the battle of good versus evil.

Now of course depending on what “side” you are on it’s hard to determine who is who. A lot of folks think Trump is the anti-Christ but his followers think Dems are baby killers, cannibals, pedophiles and sacrifice virgins on a regular basis, providing that you could find any virgins anywhere, like finding an honest politician huh?

So obviously this election will decide in which direction the United States and therefore the world will be headed.

Trump’s followers will vote for him no matter what because they love his Nationalistic isolationist policies, his appearance of being tough on China, immigrants, Antifa, protesters and anyone not white skinned. They love that while not coming out explicitly for white supremacy his lack of condemnation for them is a tacit approval, let’s not forget his “very fine people on both sides” comment.

His inaction and “not wanting to cause a panic” is a weak excuse for letting this CV19 get out of control. It is on it’s way to killing over 250,000 Americans while having the power of the Federal government at his command and not using it until it was too late.

If you like him vote for him and hope your children and grandchildren are not impacted by his actions.

If you don’t like Joe or Kamala think of the consequences of four more years of weakening our environment and the circumventing of our Constitution.

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Your Democratic Presidential candidates…………in jest

These are in alphabetical order so no favoritism is shown, although you can probably tell who has it and who will not:

Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado, bland, white bread wouldn’t hurt a fly, polling under 1%

Joe Biden, former vice-president, Uncle Joe, can be comforting like an old blanket or creepy like a step-uncle,might be the antidote to Beelzebub that is occupying the White House. Polling at about 22% which makes him the current front-runner.

Bill de Blasio , current Mayor of Nu Yawk, they don’t like him there either, polling under 1%.

Cory Booker , Nu Joisey Senator, wants to be Obama Lite, no sale, polling at 3%.

Steve Bullock, governor of Montana, sits in front of mirror and says ” I am good enough, I’m smart enough and people like me”. Would carry all 938 voters from his state. Polling 000.1 %

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana, well rounded, articulate, intelligent, a veteran, but the yahoos wont vote for a gay man. Polling 3%

Julian Castro, former U.S. secretary of HUD, and San Antonio mayor, will be liked by Hispanic voters but has little pizzazz. Would make a good vice-president.Polling 1%

John Delaney, state representative from Maryland, had not heard about him until now, looks like a life insurance salesman, polling under 1%

Tulsi Gabbard, representative of Hawaii, cute, deer in the headlights look, polling under 1%

Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator from Nu Yawk, tries to appear confident, has some good ideas, but looks like a former Majorette, polling 1%

Kamala Harris, senator from California, super confident, a bit too much, some yahoos might consider her “uppity”, good v.p. candidate. Polling around 17%

Jay Inslee, governor of Washington, has great ideas, done well in his state but not known elsewhere, polling lower than low. Looks like a banker.

Amy Klobuchar, senator from Minnesota, looks and acts like she was the chaperone at high school proms, acts tough which is a turnoff, polling at 2%

Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, Florida, I live in South Florida and I never heard of him until now, polling at: who?

Seth Moulton, representative from Massachusetts, polling at, see previous candidate.

Beto O’Rourke, former representative from Texas, wants to be JFK junior, scared the crap out of Ted Cruz, bit full of himself, polling at a whopping 3%

Tim Ryan, representative from Ohio, looks stiff like he is  surprised he got this far. Polling incalculable.

Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, kvetches, hand wrings, the sky is falling shtick is getting old, we get it Bernie ! darling of the Millennials, polling well at 14%

Tom Steyer, big money man, appears articulate and has a hard-on for Trump ( who doesn’t?) Dark horse, just joined the race, says he will throw 100 million into it so he is committed.

Elizabeth Warren, pluses: passionate about her beliefs, a thorn in Trump’s big rear end, has good ideas, is a female. minuses; shrill, hyper, castigates instead of informs. Polling at 15%

Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, had not heard of him before this, admits he smokes pot, which is refreshing, has as much chance as someone letting a Kennedy be the designated driver after a party,polling not available.

Marianne Williamson, author, lecturer about love, incense, rainbows, unicorns and unity, she has some chutzpah running, give her that, polling not as good as her book sales.

Andrew Yang, entrepreneur from Nu Yawk, darling of You Tube and Twitter, looks smart, acts smart will take the Asian vote. Polling like Wang Chung tonight.

Mystery Candidate, it’s fifteen months away, anything can happen, stay alert.!





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Dear Dems please…………………fix this now.

There is time and the Dems need to tweak their message way before 2020.

Dems do not want illegal aliens coming over the border unchecked, they want them to be processed legally according to asylum policy………they need to keep repeating this, the GOP has taken this and turned it around to imply that all Dems want illegals unchecked and unaccounted for, simply not true, case in point: the Obama administration deported more aliens that any previous administration, this needs to be repeated over and over.

The GOP and the NRA have done a masterful job of “painting” the Dems with the stain that illegal criminals will not be deported, this is not true. Criminals get deported and find their way back, this is a fault of the system. The Dems need to repeat that they are not for an open border policy. This is the lie the GOP keeps pushing.

The “wall” will not stop anyone who wants to get into this country, it might deter or slow them down, but they will find a way.

America has been built on immigrants coming here and asking for asylum legally, my family did. Everyone that comes into this country deserves a hearing, if not credible then deport.

If an immigrant is here, working, paying taxes whether local, state or Federal and they have stayed out of trouble, what is the problem? Stealing jobs you say? Come on, look at every landscape company, movers, construction companies, produce pickers, roofers, janitors, hotel housekeepers,who is working for them busting their ass in harsh weather conditions or for minimum wage?  Immigrants.

The Dems need to say “yes we have a problem at the border and we need a plan to solve the illegal immigration but keeping those that have a legitimate reason for coming here.” Cost you say? You would be surprised at how those that are here from other countries help their own in communities or thru churches or non-profits. Besides there is plenty that can be skimmed off the national budget to subsidize plans. Three hundred dollar hammers? Six hundred dollar toilet seats?

Instead of building a Space Force how about doubling the budget of the Border Patrol and Immigration? Build large processing centers with humane holding areas. Dems change up your game, stand for your principles and do not let the enemy turn your message around.

Every time an illegal kills someone they use that to blame the Dems policies, it should be turned back on them, they have been in charge since 2016 and nothing has changed, a wall wont change it, policies will.

in memory of HST





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