The nightmare is over………….

Now that Trump is out of office (notice I did not say gone) we as a country can start to heal from the damage done by him and his minions.

If you had written a script for everything that transpired in the last four years they would have laughed you out of Hollywood or maybe done it under a SciFi script.

Racists scurrying out from under rocks, some even working in the administration, he did a great job in empowering them to show their true colors.

It did bring the National shame that was kept under wraps out in the open like the relative who is kept in the back room because they are ” not well in the head” who escaped for a joyride.

It took a consortium of voters to topple him, those who just turned the voting age before November, African-Americans ( thank you Stacy) and people who had their stomachs turned by the antics of a reality show carnival barker and con artist.

I trust there is a lesson here, I suspect his people felt marginalized by all the alleged catering done by liberals to minorities, women and dare I say it?………………illegals.

I still wonder what a Psychologist would say in trying to figure out how the majority of white women voted for a serial groper and one who denigrated women who did not be to his liking.

Let’s move on and hope we do not see his type again. #gojoe

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Well kids this is what they wrote in the bible about Armageddon, the battle of good versus evil.

Now of course depending on what “side” you are on it’s hard to determine who is who. A lot of folks think Trump is the anti-Christ but his followers think Dems are baby killers, cannibals, pedophiles and sacrifice virgins on a regular basis, providing that you could find any virgins anywhere, like finding an honest politician huh?

So obviously this election will decide in which direction the United States and therefore the world will be headed.

Trump’s followers will vote for him no matter what because they love his Nationalistic isolationist policies, his appearance of being tough on China, immigrants, Antifa, protesters and anyone not white skinned. They love that while not coming out explicitly for white supremacy his lack of condemnation for them is a tacit approval, let’s not forget his “very fine people on both sides” comment.

His inaction and “not wanting to cause a panic” is a weak excuse for letting this CV19 get out of control. It is on it’s way to killing over 250,000 Americans while having the power of the Federal government at his command and not using it until it was too late.

If you like him vote for him and hope your children and grandchildren are not impacted by his actions.

If you don’t like Joe or Kamala think of the consequences of four more years of weakening our environment and the circumventing of our Constitution.

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Your Democratic Presidential candidates…………in jest

These are in alphabetical order so no favoritism is shown, although you can probably tell who has it and who will not:

Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado, bland, white bread wouldn’t hurt a fly, polling under 1%

Joe Biden, former vice-president, Uncle Joe, can be comforting like an old blanket or creepy like a step-uncle,might be the antidote to Beelzebub that is occupying the White House. Polling at about 22% which makes him the current front-runner.

Bill de Blasio , current Mayor of Nu Yawk, they don’t like him there either, polling under 1%.

Cory Booker , Nu Joisey Senator, wants to be Obama Lite, no sale, polling at 3%.

Steve Bullock, governor of Montana, sits in front of mirror and says ” I am good enough, I’m smart enough and people like me”. Would carry all 938 voters from his state. Polling 000.1 %

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend Indiana, well rounded, articulate, intelligent, a veteran, but the yahoos wont vote for a gay man. Polling 3%

Julian Castro, former U.S. secretary of HUD, and San Antonio mayor, will be liked by Hispanic voters but has little pizzazz. Would make a good vice-president.Polling 1%

John Delaney, state representative from Maryland, had not heard about him until now, looks like a life insurance salesman, polling under 1%

Tulsi Gabbard, representative of Hawaii, cute, deer in the headlights look, polling under 1%

Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator from Nu Yawk, tries to appear confident, has some good ideas, but looks like a former Majorette, polling 1%

Kamala Harris, senator from California, super confident, a bit too much, some yahoos might consider her “uppity”, good v.p. candidate. Polling around 17%

Jay Inslee, governor of Washington, has great ideas, done well in his state but not known elsewhere, polling lower than low. Looks like a banker.

Amy Klobuchar, senator from Minnesota, looks and acts like she was the chaperone at high school proms, acts tough which is a turnoff, polling at 2%

Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, Florida, I live in South Florida and I never heard of him until now, polling at: who?

Seth Moulton, representative from Massachusetts, polling at, see previous candidate.

Beto O’Rourke, former representative from Texas, wants to be JFK junior, scared the crap out of Ted Cruz, bit full of himself, polling at a whopping 3%

Tim Ryan, representative from Ohio, looks stiff like he is  surprised he got this far. Polling incalculable.

Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, kvetches, hand wrings, the sky is falling shtick is getting old, we get it Bernie ! darling of the Millennials, polling well at 14%

Tom Steyer, big money man, appears articulate and has a hard-on for Trump ( who doesn’t?) Dark horse, just joined the race, says he will throw 100 million into it so he is committed.

Elizabeth Warren, pluses: passionate about her beliefs, a thorn in Trump’s big rear end, has good ideas, is a female. minuses; shrill, hyper, castigates instead of informs. Polling at 15%

Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, had not heard of him before this, admits he smokes pot, which is refreshing, has as much chance as someone letting a Kennedy be the designated driver after a party,polling not available.

Marianne Williamson, author, lecturer about love, incense, rainbows, unicorns and unity, she has some chutzpah running, give her that, polling not as good as her book sales.

Andrew Yang, entrepreneur from Nu Yawk, darling of You Tube and Twitter, looks smart, acts smart will take the Asian vote. Polling like Wang Chung tonight.

Mystery Candidate, it’s fifteen months away, anything can happen, stay alert.!





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Dear Dems please…………………fix this now.

There is time and the Dems need to tweak their message way before 2020.

Dems do not want illegal aliens coming over the border unchecked, they want them to be processed legally according to asylum policy………they need to keep repeating this, the GOP has taken this and turned it around to imply that all Dems want illegals unchecked and unaccounted for, simply not true, case in point: the Obama administration deported more aliens that any previous administration, this needs to be repeated over and over.

The GOP and the NRA have done a masterful job of “painting” the Dems with the stain that illegal criminals will not be deported, this is not true. Criminals get deported and find their way back, this is a fault of the system. The Dems need to repeat that they are not for an open border policy. This is the lie the GOP keeps pushing.

The “wall” will not stop anyone who wants to get into this country, it might deter or slow them down, but they will find a way.

America has been built on immigrants coming here and asking for asylum legally, my family did. Everyone that comes into this country deserves a hearing, if not credible then deport.

If an immigrant is here, working, paying taxes whether local, state or Federal and they have stayed out of trouble, what is the problem? Stealing jobs you say? Come on, look at every landscape company, movers, construction companies, produce pickers, roofers, janitors, hotel housekeepers,who is working for them busting their ass in harsh weather conditions or for minimum wage?  Immigrants.

The Dems need to say “yes we have a problem at the border and we need a plan to solve the illegal immigration but keeping those that have a legitimate reason for coming here.” Cost you say? You would be surprised at how those that are here from other countries help their own in communities or thru churches or non-profits. Besides there is plenty that can be skimmed off the national budget to subsidize plans. Three hundred dollar hammers? Six hundred dollar toilet seats?

Instead of building a Space Force how about doubling the budget of the Border Patrol and Immigration? Build large processing centers with humane holding areas. Dems change up your game, stand for your principles and do not let the enemy turn your message around.

Every time an illegal kills someone they use that to blame the Dems policies, it should be turned back on them, they have been in charge since 2016 and nothing has changed, a wall wont change it, policies will.

in memory of HST





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The Curious Curmudgeon on………ramblings

Mentioned it before but why doesn’t Peta protest at rodeos?

Why did a lot of women vote for Trump in 2016? Will they again?

Will the Democrats get a backbone and play as dirty as the Rape-publicans?

Why is Mike Pence afraid to be in a room with a woman not his wife?

Will Bernie’s backers bail out of the 2020 election if he does not get the nomination or croaks by then?

Groper versus grabber in 2020?

Since the scientists are saying it is too late (10 to 15 years) for climate change reversal shouldn’t we just live it up and say fuckitall?

Why, why,why does the GOP and Evangelicals care so much about what a woman does with her vagina and why do they care if Ken wants to marry Bob and Sally wants to marry Susie? We don’t care if they want to marry their cousin or their sheep. Really, we don’t. If they are that Christian why wont they take care of said child when it is homeless, starving , in need of medical care or being abused?

The GOP should be renamed the Greed Over People party.

Glad to see weed, CBD and hemp making inroads into being legalized, those three can  help so many. Hemp can be used to replace plastics, papers, Styrofoam, weed and CBD can help those with medical issues like PTSD, seizures and alleviate those on chemo and radiation.

Wonder if Roy Moore’s political campaign bus will be named the Candy Bus?

If Trump is hiring the best, why are people leaving his administration faster than a preacher at a YMCA concert?

One place where karma is administered properly is jails. Ever notice how child molesters and serial killers wind up having an “accident” there?

I do not understand why the Catholic church does not excommunicate and ban all priests accused of being pedophiles. Is that part of their forgiveness mantra?

in memory of HST.















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The Curious Curmudgeon …….on dating

Before we get started kids this is meant as advice in a (hopefully) humorous way, do not get your panties, thongs, underwear, or boxers in a jam.

I will impart years of dating and relationship advice as only one with  experience and plenty of mistakes can do.

Yes, mistakes men, that is one of the things you must learn to do in a relationship, admit when you are wrong and move on before she starts checking the knife drawer or takes a sudden interest in watching Investigation I.D. for suggestions on how to “off” you without anything pointing the finger at her so she and the pool boy , Javier can go on that cruise your life insurance will be paying for.

Ladies, men are simple creatures, they want a warm home to come to after work, a warm meal and a warm place to park their “junk” in. Sexist? probably, but true, why is there so much infidelity? That girl from work might offer him blowjobs which you only do as a special “treat” on his birthday or anniversary , she might offer anal sex and kinky boots which you might have forgotten to do or don’t care to do anymore.

Men, ladies like to be romanced, take or send flowers to her  for no apparent reason, tell her she looks and smells great. If she likes chocolate, get her some and do not worry about it going to her hips. She cannot cook? there’s restaurants, take out or take a cooking class together, believe me she will appreciate that and think it is romantic.

Ladies if he likes beer (and who doesn’t) suggest a light beer so the chances of a beer gut are minimized.

Have you ever known a couple that divorced and you saw them months later and one or both of them dropped weight and were looking better than before?  They are back on the “market” that is why, makes you wonder why they did not do that while together, sedentary? taken for granted?

Money, has a big effect on a relationship, lack of it can cause someone to look for a better situation, too much of it can cause lots of problems. The proliferation of websites like says a lot about how money can be a catalyst for those May-December romances. The new moniker for those sites is “age-gap dating”. Both ways mind you, in Palm Beach society which I happened to navigate thru in my younger years there were a lot of dowagers with their “ward” or “nephew” escorting them to events.

Dating attire has gotten weird. I recently saw a couple in a restaurant, obviously on a first date. The woman had on a nice dress and killer heels, nails manicured, hair done up. The gent was wearing jeans, sneakers and his shirt was not tucked in, they looked like they were in their early thirties. I live in Florida so I know casual but men in flip flops and cargo shorts on a date is not unusual to see. And the baseball cap on at a restaurant or movie theater and even at a play…….ughh! Dress up guys, women love a sharp dressed man.

Dating someone with kids is a minefield, the ex can be an asshole or a bitch, the kids can resent you so tread carefully there.

Pets, talk about a minefield! Obviously people care about their pets a lot, some treat them like they are human. When I was single if the lady dressed her cat or dog in outfits and Buffy or Fluffy had to go with us on a trip because they could not trust anyone to take care of them I was out of there faster than you could imagine.

One time I suggested to someone I had been dating for about a month to put her dog in a kennel so we could go on a romantic getaway for the weekend and she looked at me like I was Satan. Needless to say that was the end of that courtship.

I was in a live-in relationship with a lady who had 2 cats, I started to notice she would speak to her cats, no,not “Hi Fluffy how are you?” but she would mimic what her cats were “saying” like the noises they made so it was like a conversation going on.Shortly after that I exited as fast as I could.

Another lady I started to date looked promising but when we did the deed for the first time and went to sleep afterwards her dog got in the middle of us in bed. She said “Oh Buster sleeps in this bed every-night, you’ll get used to it”. No I didn’t and out I went…………next !

In-laws: real simple, they will either hate you or love you, be yourself and if they do not like you stop trying to win them over, the only person you have to win over is your mate. And if you think your man is a Mama’s boy, you are not going to change him, just think of Norman Bates, no one ever changed him. And the Mother will never, ever think you will love him as much as she does.

I have not mentioned same sex relationships because I have no experience in that nor will I. Just respect the other persons space and: No means no.

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In memory of HST

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The Curious Curmudgeon on voting

It amazes me that people have not taken to the streets to protest the blatant voter suppression that the GOP is trying everywhere they think they can get away with. Thank goodness that mid level courts are blocking some of them although if some cases get to the Supreme Court it is stacked with Conservatives that might side with the current attempts.

The State of Florida has gutted Amendment 4 that was approved by over 60% of voters giving felons the right to vote. Now this did not include those convicted of murder or sexual assault. So what they did at the GOP majority legislature is to add a “provision” that fines had to be paid by those convicted in order to have their voters rights reinstated, in essence a “poll tax” that the Jim Crow era instituted to keep African Americans from voting back in the day. Needless to say most of those felons are of a minority group so they would normally vote Democratic.

Abortions in Georgia, Alabama or Talibama as it should be called now, Mississippi and Texas are passing laws that will punish women having abortions and those doing them even if they go to another state to do it. Sounds like Sharia law to me. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, the Evangelicals are trying to make everyone step to their beat. Jesus would be shamed by their jamming of their beliefs on everyone.

Dear Democrats: do not in-fight with each other, do not play into the orange one’s game, make the mission clear: nominate whoever has the best chance of ending this embarrassing and corrupt administration. And Bernie voters, please do not sit out if he is not nominated, he would make a great choice for a post in the Cabinet, Secretary of Education comes to mind or Health and Human Services ,  Veterans Administration or Housing and Urban Development or my favorite for him, SEC, he would make the bankers soil their pants.

Vote, vote, vote and as Bernie said: “we need the biggest turnout in the history of our country if we are to save it.”

in memory of HST.  take the poll below>




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The Curious Curmudgeon

Will airlines flying to and fro the abortion states charge for two passengers if the woman is pregnant?

Will Trump reach 20,000 lies by 2020?

Since there are shows about practically everything, how long before we have Beverly Hills Proctologist?

Who has the biggest blind eye? The Christian right about Trump or the Catholic Church about pedophile priests?

I wish South Florida weather persons would stop hyperventilating when there is a fart of a storm off the coast of Africa.

When did you have to mortgage your home in order to buy concert tickets? I looked into nose-bleed seats for the Rolling Stones and they were $248.00  each + service charges, in a stadium to boot.

Could auto dealers explain “acquisition fee” and “dealer prep” fee?

Psychiatrists and Psychologists having to carry liability insurance is not very comforting, if they screw you up how do you know? Will they tell you? Is there a statute of limitations on therapy? Two years or three meltdowns?

Ever notice mass shooters in the America are white, ugly and couldn’t get laid in a bordello with a fistful of Benjamin’s?

Hoping Marijuana becomes legal in all the states, can you imagine the increased sales of Moon-pies and Doritos’s? It’s not a gateway drug, no one has ever overdosed on it as Reefer Madness would have you believe.

I think they should combine the shows: My 600lb life, 16 and pregnant, Hoarders and the Kardashians and call it Dysfunction Junction.

If doctors are allowed to charge you for missing an appointment shouldn’t you be able to charge them when they bump yours?

Which rocker will be the first to croak onstage? Mick, Paul, Steven, Rod? They are all pushing past seventy. We know Keith Richards and cockroaches are the only things that are able to survive a nuclear holocaust, so he is safe.

Random thoughts of a restless mind, in memory of HST

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Today’s golfers are hitting drives over 300 yards on a regular basis, does the PGA test for performance enhancing drugs?

The current President said while campaigning that he would not take a vacation, or play golf, he lied, lied and lied. Can we agree that he is a habitual liar?

He also said he did not know St0rmy or Karen, he lied about that too.

He lied about paying them off too.

The lies about  Russian meeting are unraveling as fast as the Tweets against the meeting.

When will a reporter be attacked by a Trump supporter? I think it is just a matter of time. The obvious low I.Q. of Trump supporters is so plain to see that it is frightening. Trailer trash, yahoos, hillbillies, inbreds, toothless, gun-nuts, idiot-savants,he’s got em all.

Is the U.S. intelligence community planning to silence their biggest critic? A car accident? Plane crash? A radioactive pellet? Poison?

Which Trump kid will be indicted? Eric? Don Jr.? Ivanka?

The hypocrisy from the Christian right about Trump’s peccadillos  is as bad as the silence from the Catholic church about pedophile priests.

The Trump administrations efforts with the help of the GOP hierarchy  to undo most of the Obama’s administrations legacy is so obvious that historians will have an easy path to explain everything to future generations.

Television weatherpersons should be tied naked to a telephone pole when they get the forecast wrong which is often. Partly cloudy? Party sunny? Possible change of rain? WTF just say you don’t know and just stick your head out the door. And what’s with the Bimbo weathergirls in the Hispanic stations? Is that the only way to get viewers? These gals look like they stepped right out of a nightclub, so do any of them have a meteorologist degree? Maybe the tying them naked to a telephone is not a bad idea after all.

Guess instead of draining the swamp the swamp is populated by more greed-mongers and crooks.

I am amazed by the amount of people who ignore the current President’s lies, obfuscations, outright lack of veracity and the destroying of the not only prestige of the office but the way the world looks at the U.S.A.

Will pro football still be as popular twenty years from now after all the CTE studies come in?

Who in the hell wants to drive into the heart of Little Havana to watch the train wreck that is the Miami Marlins baseball team?

Will Bashar al Assad ever be tried for war crimes in Syria? Chemical weapon attacks? Bombing hospitals over 450 times? Destroying Aleppo? pick any.

Rick Scott running for Senator of Florida is a joke, he gutted Obamacare, the Everglades cleanup and helped corporations get better deals on the backs of the middle class.

ruminating in remembrance of HST








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More curmudgeon

Television weatherpersons in South Florida need to stop hyperventilating when there is a dust storm coming off the west coast of Africa. You can see the weather girls nipples get hard and the men get boners when this happens. The histrionics start after that and the scare factor goes into full effect. If the storm gathers and its near Puerto Rico or the Virgin islands then start with the nervous Nellie hand wringing and hair pulling. Those of us who experienced Andrew don’t get excited about a fart of the coast of Africa until it becomes something real.

Been said many times before but politicians should have the same Healthcare that working class Americans have access to, that would change their tune in a heartbeat.

Have tickets to concerts just gotten out of hand? To pay $200 dollars to see a band in a cavernous stadium which you wind up watching the Jumbo-tron to see them up close anyway is ridiculous.

If I call a major corporation’s customer service and have to talk to “Rick” in Bangladesh I am going to have a fucking cow.

Could auto dealers please explain two things: “acquisition fee” and  “dealer prep fee” ? Shouldn’t they just call it bend over fee?

At what point  in their life did a person aspire to become a proctologist? Was it an epiphany? Did they have an anal fetish? Want to work in tight places? I want to know, I have to know.

Do shrinks have liability insurance? How do you know if they fucked you up? Is there a statute of limitations on therapy? If they do not “fix” you is there a money back guarantee?

Ever notice mass shooters are ugly as fuck, couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison or a whorehouse with a fistful of Benjamin’s? That little prick that shot up Stoneman Douglas high school looks like a troll and a carpet had a better chance of getting laid than he did.

I know it is barbaric but some Middle East countries punish thieves by cutting off their hands, same should apply to rapists. Bet there will be second thoughts.

Random thoughts of a twisted mind, in memory of HST.








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