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Dear Dems please…………………fix this now.

There is time and the Dems need to tweak their message way before 2020. Dems do not want illegal aliens coming over the border unchecked, they want them to be processed legally according to asylum policy………they need to keep repeating … Continue reading

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The Curious Curmudgeon on………ramblings

Mentioned it before but why doesn’t Peta protest at rodeos? Why did a lot of women vote for Trump in 2016? Will they again? Will the Democrats get a backbone and play as dirty as the Rape-publicans? Why is Mike … Continue reading

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The Curious Curmudgeon …….on dating

Before we get started kids this is meant as advice in a (hopefully) humorous way, do not get your panties, thongs, underwear, or boxers in a jam. I will impart years of dating and relationship advice as only one with  … Continue reading

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The Curious Curmudgeon on voting

It amazes me that people have not taken to the streets to protest the blatant voter suppression that the GOP is trying everywhere they think they can get away with. Thank goodness that mid level courts are blocking some of … Continue reading

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The Curious Curmudgeon

Will airlines flying to and fro the abortion states charge for two passengers if the woman is pregnant? Will Trump reach 20,000 lies by 2020? Since there are shows about practically everything, how long before we have Beverly Hills Proctologist? … Continue reading

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Today’s golfers are hitting drives over 300 yards on a regular basis, does the PGA test for performance enhancing drugs? The current President said while campaigning that he would not take a vacation, or play golf, he lied, lied and … Continue reading

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More curmudgeon

Television weatherpersons in South Florida need to stop hyperventilating when there is a dust storm coming off the west coast of Africa. You can see the weather girls nipples get hard and the men get boners when this happens. The … Continue reading

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