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The Floriduh legislature

What Florida needs: Property insurance restructuring costs and coverage. Climate change action. Faster condo foundation inspections. Rental housing affordability and availability correction. Algae choked waterways, clean water, Everglades restoration. Minimum wage law. Aging infrastructure repairs. Day care that is affordable. … Continue reading

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The Curious Curmudgeon

Will airlines flying to and fro the abortion states charge for two passengers if the woman is pregnant? Will Trump reach 20,000 lies by 2020? Since there are shows about practically everything, how long before we have Beverly Hills Proctologist? … Continue reading

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Clinton versus Trump

Look kids now that its time for the major leaguers since the posers (Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich) the wannabees ( Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina) the clueless (Ben Carson, Jeb Bush) and the mensch (Bernie Sanders) are done.It’s … Continue reading

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Bernie media bias

In yesterday’s Indiana primary all the cable channels could talk about was Trump,Trump,Trump. hardly a mention of Bernie’s upset of Hillary. In fact the day before the Indiana primary in a Associated Press article by Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples … Continue reading

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Not in 2016 please ! after coffee

Well kids I’ve had my coffee, we are three weeks in 2016 and its looking mighty odd already. Another Kardashian ( Khloe) has admitted to creating a  sex tape.  Don’t these girls know when to hire a P.R. firm instead of making … Continue reading

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GOP committing suicide, where’s Robin Hood?

I cannot hold it any longer but I wonder what’s happened to the Republican party, the party of Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It’s a party I have not recognized in years hence my leaving them eight years … Continue reading

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Chris Christie,bully, bufoon or bastard?

In light of the Fort Lee, New Jersey bridge closing as a result of a vindictive action coming directly from Governor Christie’s chief of staff and Port Authority executive David Wildstein ( a Christie appointment) as of this posting it appears … Continue reading

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GOP in suicide mode

Now comes RNC chairman Reince Prebus to threaten NBC & CNN with ommission from the Republican debates and convention if they run a mini series on Hillary Clinton. The Grand Obstruction Party as it should now be called is painting … Continue reading

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Electoral and more losers

There were some extraordinary losers in Tuesday’s elections. People that are not used to losing lost big time. Some lost money which they have plenty of. Some lost reputations which are hard to come by. Some lost face which for … Continue reading

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Florida voters, bend over, grab your ankles.

The current Florida Legislature is getting a big tube of KY ready in order to push thru a handful of constitutional amendments that will benefit the majority party and those delusional tea baggers……..err, tea partiers. The League of Women Voters … Continue reading

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