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The Floriduh legislature

What Florida needs: Property insurance restructuring costs and coverage. Climate change action. Faster condo foundation inspections. Rental housing affordability and availability correction. Algae choked waterways, clean water, Everglades restoration. Minimum wage law. Aging infrastructure repairs. Day care that is affordable. … Continue reading

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Don’t trust her, cant stand him

So in a couple of weeks America will be voting for the person they want as President and at the same time they will also probably be voting for a person they dislike immensely. That’s what it has come down to. … Continue reading

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Crist & Scott, please vote

Upcoming November 2014 Gubernatorial  elections in Florida (the Twilight Zone of voting) are pitting two guys who if it was not for politics would be either in jail or flipping burgers at Mc Donald’s . It is amazing that once … Continue reading

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Now that the latest trial of the century is over here are my thoughts and observations: I was shocked that GZ was not charged with at least culpable negligence. I have served on a Grand Jury in Florida and  prosecutors … Continue reading

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Miami Marlins: The Three Stooges

Well. well, well………pitcher Mark Buehrle came out without mincing any words and flat out stated that Marlins management repeatedly lied to him on multiple occasions. There is no shock there, the three stooges who run this franchise: Larry (Beinfest) Curly (Sampson) and owner … Continue reading

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Florida voters, bend over, grab your ankles.

The current Florida Legislature is getting a big tube of KY ready in order to push thru a handful of constitutional amendments that will benefit the majority party and those delusional tea baggers……..err, tea partiers. The League of Women Voters … Continue reading

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Rick Perry and Rick Scott, cut from same cloth?

Two Republican governors from two of the poorest states in the Nation, Florida and Texas have refused Federal Medicare funds that are part of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as the Republican/Obstructionist party would rather call it. So Dumb as a … Continue reading

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What the hell is wrong with Florida?

I have come to the conclusion that Florida is a portal to Hell. Instead of “Welcome to Florida ” at the border it should say “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” Just in recent memory, some from the hall of … Continue reading

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What a Country! Prayer in Florida schools?

Well the Republican led Legislature in Florida, led by a Republican Governor who spout, “We are for smaller government” like zombies on Xanax and swear at every town hall  that they are for less government intrusion are considering bringing back … Continue reading

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What a country! Lowlifes in the Florida Legislature

Residents of Florida beware, the Legislature is trying to pass a bill that shields current members, past members , current and past staff from being sued and from requesting depositions from any lawsuits whatsoever. The timing is interesting because the … Continue reading

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