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Dear Dems please…………………fix this now.

There is time and the Dems need to tweak their message way before 2020. Dems do not want illegal aliens coming over the border unchecked, they want them to be processed legally according to asylum policy………they need to keep repeating … Continue reading

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Thanks Dems for the president !

Before any of you get your panties in a wringer let me say I am a registered Democrat and have been since 2006 when I switched over from the GOP after  President Cheney got his puppet George W to do … Continue reading

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Trump versus ISIS

So the Donald is like the neighborhood bully who is all full of talk but very little substance. He says he will take care of the problem without explanation of how he will. Keep in mind the current President has … Continue reading

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Bernie media bias

In yesterday’s Indiana primary all the cable channels could talk about was Trump,Trump,Trump. hardly a mention of Bernie’s upset of Hillary. In fact the day before the Indiana primary in a Associated Press article by Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday 4/26 or fear and loathing in the Northeast

So the Donald takes all five states even after the misguided collaboration between John “I need a personality transfusion” Kasich and Ted ” why doesn’t anyone like me” Cruz that they tried this week. It was a backdoor deal to … Continue reading

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GOP committing suicide, where’s Robin Hood?

I cannot hold it any longer but I wonder what’s happened to the Republican party, the party of Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It’s a party I have not recognized in years hence my leaving them eight years … Continue reading

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Cruz & Perry…………..Abbott & Costello?

Freshly minted from a Koch brothers organized love fest in Dallas, Ted Cruz & Rick Perry emerged as the future of their party. Really? Is this the best the Grey Old Party can do?  A governor who makes George W look … Continue reading

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