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What a Country! GOP help women?

I just finished reading a humor filled column by Noelle Ninkompoop of Fox News. I did not know she was also a comedy writer. The headline in a national  newspaper screamed: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Naturally this caught my eye … Continue reading

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What a Country! Secret Service Sex

You would think that by all the hue and cry coming from all corners that the U.S. Secret Service raped, pillaged, plundered, sodomized and ripped the tags off their mattresses to break laws down there in Columbia. Now boys will be … Continue reading

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What a Country! The Buffett Rule

I was saddened to read that the “Buffett Rule” did not pass thru the Senate. I was not surprised however based on how many millionaires are part of that club. More on the pigs feeding at the trough later. The … Continue reading

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What a Country! The GOP frontrunner

Well folks it looks like Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney is halfway to the GOP nomination, Rick “no sodomy allowed ” Santorum is not going to get his wish of a contested convention after losing  the primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland … Continue reading

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