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The Curious Curmudgeon …….on dating

Before we get started kids this is meant as advice in a (hopefully) humorous way, do not get your panties, thongs, underwear, or boxers in a jam. I will impart years of dating and relationship advice as only one with  … Continue reading

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Terrorists, please consider Boca

The first town any terrorist should consider when contemplating an attack on the U.S.A.is  Boca Raton. It is a town in South Florida which translates to rats mouth. The original named in ancient maps “Boca de Ratones” referred to a … Continue reading

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Ju$tice ?

In following the John Goodman case here in Palm Beach County I wonder how much longer his defense team is going to be filing inane motions to keep vacating his sentence.   It goes to show you how much money makes a … Continue reading

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