The Curious Curmudgeon on voting

It amazes me that people have not taken to the streets to protest the blatant voter suppression that the GOP is trying everywhere they think they can get away with. Thank goodness that mid level courts are blocking some of them although if some cases get to the Supreme Court it is stacked with Conservatives that might side with the current attempts.

The State of Florida has gutted Amendment 4 that was approved by over 60% of voters giving felons the right to vote. Now this did not include those convicted of murder or sexual assault. So what they did at the GOP majority legislature is to add a “provision” that fines had to be paid by those convicted in order to have their voters rights reinstated, in essence a “poll tax” that the Jim Crow era instituted to keep African Americans from voting back in the day. Needless to say most of those felons are of a minority group so they would normally vote Democratic.

Abortions in Georgia, Alabama or Talibama as it should be called now, Mississippi and Texas are passing laws that will punish women having abortions and those doing them even if they go to another state to do it. Sounds like Sharia law to me. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, the Evangelicals are trying to make everyone step to their beat. Jesus would be shamed by their jamming of their beliefs on everyone.

Dear Democrats: do not in-fight with each other, do not play into the orange one’s game, make the mission clear: nominate whoever has the best chance of ending this embarrassing and corrupt administration. And Bernie voters, please do not sit out if he is not nominated, he would make a great choice for a post in the Cabinet, Secretary of Education comes to mind or Health and Human Services ,  Veterans Administration or Housing and Urban Development or my favorite for him, SEC, he would make the bankers soil their pants.

Vote, vote, vote and as Bernie said: “we need the biggest turnout in the history of our country if we are to save it.”

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