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Well kids this is what they wrote in the bible about Armageddon, the battle of good versus evil. Now of course depending on what “side” you are on it’s hard to determine who is who. A lot of folks think … Continue reading

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Oh no ! it’s the illegals!

On Friday June 15th, 2012 the “Hipster”, President Obama ordered the federal government to implement certain sections of theĀ “Dream Act” that is being stalled in congress by the Republican/Obstructionist party. He ordered work permits and the ceasing of deportation if … Continue reading

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What a Country! Prayer in Florida schools?

Well the Republican led Legislature in Florida, led by a Republican Governor who spout, “We are for smaller government” like zombies on Xanax and swear at every town hallĀ  that they are for less government intrusion are considering bringing back … Continue reading

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