Dear Dems please…………………fix this now.

There is time and the Dems need to tweak their message way before 2020.

Dems do not want illegal aliens coming over the border unchecked, they want them to be processed legally according to asylum policy………they need to keep repeating this, the GOP has taken this and turned it around to imply that all Dems want illegals unchecked and unaccounted for, simply not true, case in point: the Obama administration deported more aliens that any previous administration, this needs to be repeated over and over.

The GOP and the NRA have done a masterful job of “painting” the Dems with the stain that illegal criminals will not be deported, this is not true. Criminals get deported and find their way back, this is a fault of the system. The Dems need to repeat that they are not for an open border policy. This is the lie the GOP keeps pushing.

The “wall” will not stop anyone who wants to get into this country, it might deter or slow them down, but they will find a way.

America has been built on immigrants coming here and asking for asylum legally, my family did. Everyone that comes into this country deserves a hearing, if not credible then deport.

If an immigrant is here, working, paying taxes whether local, state or Federal and they have stayed out of trouble, what is the problem? Stealing jobs you say? Come on, look at every landscape company, movers, construction companies, produce pickers, roofers, janitors, hotel housekeepers,who is working for them busting their ass in harsh weather conditions or for minimum wage?  Immigrants.

The Dems need to say “yes we have a problem at the border and we need a plan to solve the illegal immigration but keeping those that have a legitimate reason for coming here.” Cost you say? You would be surprised at how those that are here from other countries help their own in communities or thru churches or non-profits. Besides there is plenty that can be skimmed off the national budget to subsidize plans. Three hundred dollar hammers? Six hundred dollar toilet seats?

Instead of building a Space Force how about doubling the budget of the Border Patrol and Immigration? Build large processing centers with humane holding areas. Dems change up your game, stand for your principles and do not let the enemy turn your message around.

Every time an illegal kills someone they use that to blame the Dems policies, it should be turned back on them, they have been in charge since 2016 and nothing has changed, a wall wont change it, policies will.

in memory of HST






About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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