Hello world!

ladies, gentlemen, hosts of the planet ,we will be discussing ( can you discuss on a blog since we are not speaking per say?   hmmm already have a conundrum) many subjects here,nothing is sacred or taboo however I will not stand for boorishness, trash talk ( again its not talk its writing ) or uncivilized behavior or as the British would WRITE , behaviour.

My main course of writing is an auto advise column, kind of Dear Abby for cars but every time I try to inject some humor or political discourse the editors get their red pencils out, the bastards that they are. So that inspired me to get my own blog so I can expound on whatever is rolling around in my brain , after all we only use 10% of it, might as well try to use more of it.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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  1. Kylie says:

    This is a great post thhanks

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