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Miami Marlins, same old money grab & bullshit.

Well baseball aficionados the Miami Marlins management is doing the old three card  shuffle under the guise of “bettering” the roster but really just shedding salary as usual. You say smart business decision? Smart money management ? I say fattening … Continue reading

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Now, now, Mister Loria really?

Now comes Jeffrey Loria, Miami Marlins owner with a “mea culpa” song and dance probably urged by the public relations firm that the Marlins hired to soften the damage caused by the latest insult to their fan base. He took out full-page ads … Continue reading

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Miami Marlins: The Three Stooges

Well. well, well………pitcher Mark Buehrle came out without mincing any words and flat out stated that Marlins management repeatedly lied to him on multiple occasions. There is no shock there, the three stooges who run this franchise: Larry (Beinfest) Curly (Sampson) and owner … Continue reading

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What the hell is wrong with Florida?

I have come to the conclusion that Florida is a portal to Hell. Instead of “Welcome to Florida ” at the border it should say “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” Just in recent memory, some from the hall of … Continue reading

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Miami Beat, shameless self promotion

For you regular readers of this blog I wanted to inform you that my short novel, Miami Beat is our on Amazon as a Kindle book and on Barnes and Noble as a Nook book. Paperback copies will be available … Continue reading

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