Now that the latest trial of the century is over here are my thoughts and observations: I was shocked that GZ was not charged with at least culpable negligence. I have served on a Grand Jury in Florida and  prosecutors give the jurors a list of the charges against the defendant and you must match the requirements with the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Was GZ wrong in following Martin when the police dispatcher told him not to ? Yes he was but that did not break any law other than the law of stupidity and common sense.

Did Martin start the fight by punching GZ? We do not know, we have to take GZ’s word for it. GZ did not punch his own nose.

Did the kid have a propensity for violence? It appears that based on his school record and tweets to his friends, yes. Was the kid a wannabe gangster? It appears based on his You Tube videos that he wanted to be. This is no crime or reason to be shot.

Did the kid  lack common sense by not telling GZ ” hey my dad lives over there, follow me to his house if you do not believe I belong in this neighborhood” it appears that did not happen.

It appears that if both men had used common sense instead of testosterone fueled actions this tragedy could have been averted.

I have a concealed weapons permit and if  anyone was  trying to pound my head on concrete I would pull the trigger without remorse.

The jury of six women must be commended for their careful consideration of the charges and their verdict.

If the race card is brought up it works both ways, while GZ did not mention the N word he did say to the dispatcher that “they ” always get away with things. And Martin told his friend that a “cracker” was following him. I remind everyone that GZ i

s half hispanic so it was not a white on black crime.

I am sure we have not heard the last of this, the Justice Department is looking into the case to see if any civil rights violations occurred. And there is the civil trial to follow, shades of Goldman v.s. O.J.Simpson damages to come .


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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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