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Dear Democrats, grow some balls

Dear Dems, now that the 2014 midterm elections are over and the majority of Democratic candidates running for office ran from Obama’s shadow like a scalded dog, shame on you and those of you who lost your races deserve it. The pundits … Continue reading

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Crist & Scott, please vote

Upcoming November 2014 Gubernatorial  elections in Florida (the Twilight Zone of voting) are pitting two guys who if it was not for politics would be either in jail or flipping burgers at Mc Donald’s . It is amazing that once … Continue reading

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Chris Christie,bully, bufoon or bastard?

In light of the Fort Lee, New Jersey bridge closing as a result of a vindictive action coming directly from Governor Christie’s chief of staff and Port Authority executive David Wildstein ( a Christie appointment) as of this posting it appears … Continue reading

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Electoral and more losers

There were some extraordinary losers in Tuesday’s elections. People that are not used to losing lost big time. Some lost money which they have plenty of. Some lost reputations which are hard to come by. Some lost face which for … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz, Hispanic Uncle Tom?

Candidate for the Texas Senate Ted Cruz made the following comment at the Republican National Convention in Tampa recently: “Fifty-five years ago, when my dad was a penniless teenage immigrant,thank God some well-meaning bureaucrat didn’t put his arm around him and say ‘Let … Continue reading

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What a country! The world according to NewNewt

Revisionist history is in vogue now that Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls due to his good showing in the recent debates and winning the South Carolina primary thanks to the stupidity of that state’s  voters. Really, how can a … Continue reading

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