What a Country! Prayer in Florida schools?

Well the Republican led Legislature in Florida, led by a Republican Governor who spout, “We are for smaller government” like zombies on Xanax and swear at every town hall  that they are for less government intrusion are considering bringing back prayer in school.

Mind you this is 2012 so every special interest group, every obscure religion and every weirdo religion will have to be included so no one gets their panties in the wringer. So the ACLU will come out to defend Nazi’s for Jesus, Jews for Jehovah, Devil Worshipers from Mars, Siamese Twins for Satan, Baptists for Beelzebub , Toe worshipers from Tampa, Pee Wee’s Perverts and every obscure religious group in the state because that is the times we live in, everyone is afraid of upsetting or offending any one so there wont be any lawsuit, that is what the bare bones ideology is folks.

So that the school boards in every county don’t get their pants sued, the Florida Legislature wants to bring back what the morons in the Legislature call “inspirational messages”. And the students can include anything they want in these messages because of our “constitutional freedom of speech”.

So Billy Bob from Polk County can say anything of a racist nature and he will be protected. Ashley from Duval County can talk about her mental affair with Satan.The ACLU is getting their lawyers ready in case anyone’s rights get offended. The Anti-Defamation League is getting ready in case anyone gets offended due to an insult to their ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Rabbi’s are rabid. Muslims are on edge.

So in other words the lawyers and politicians have managed to circle jerk this situation into a legal cluster fuck.Lawyers on retainer, judges on standby,constitutional protectors armed with torts and depositions.

Hey, morons in Tallahassee how about some COMMON SENSE? Pass a law that there is a moment of silence for one minute , that way everyone can pray to the deity of their choice,no one gets offended, the lawyers can go back to bottom feeding and the politicians can try to do something constructive for a change. But hey, its common sense something sorely lacking in Florida’s Legislature.

So instead of tackling real issues like unemployment, homeless, drug houses, foreclosures, the economy, pill mills, drug abuse, child endangerment, pedophiles, sexual  predators the Florida Legislature is wasting their time on this bullshit.

And we elected these morons.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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