Don’t trust her, cant stand him

So in a couple of weeks America will be voting for the person they want as President and at the same time they will also probably be voting for a person they dislike immensely. That’s what it has come down to. The ultimate lesser of two evils which has been bandied about for decades but it is finally true.

The groundswell against the Trumpster has been picking up steam of late. When you see Hollywood produce slick online “ads” and celebrities come out of the woodworks you know the “liberal elite” has coalesced their forces.

On the other hand the conservatives have rolled out the Wiki Leaks offensive. Leaked documents and e mails tarnishing the Clinton campaign as part of their October surprise. Rumors have it that Julian Assange has a Russian connection that leads right to Putin’s office. Based on the attack on the Clinton campaign, Julian Assange wants Trump to win the election or despises Hillary very much or both.

Trump not only has shot himself in the foot but is in the process of loading the gun ( his mouth) and getting ready to shoot his other foot with the pussyfooting (sorry couldn’t resist) around  the denial of the sexual harassment stories that are coming out, at last count there were eleven accusers as of 10/23. This will turn into a imbroglio of Cosby-like proportions.   Of course he cannot admit to it and he shouldn’t say he will sue them after the election ( which he has said he would) but he should talk policy and what his plans are and say he will handle the allegations after the election, but he can not do any of the above because he has painted himself into a corner.

Trump epitomizes what America is by working to build an empire and bullying his way around the world, being and thinking “we’re number one” being brash, opportunistic and at the same time being envied for being successful.

Hillary has a terrific resume’ great experience as a lawyer, a Senator, a Secretary of State, the First Lady and a governors wife. Unfortunately there is very little to like about her.Her pores ooze blind ambition and her years of dodging questions, subpoenas and inquiries almost makes her as bulletproof as John Gotti once was.

I predict the vote wont even be close, she will win and God help us either way.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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