Florida voters, bend over, grab your ankles.

The current Florida Legislature is getting a big tube of KY ready in order to push thru a handful of constitutional amendments that will benefit the majority party and those delusional tea baggers……..err, tea partiers.

The League of Women Voters came out with a scathing report on the amendments.

Amendment 5 (State Courts) would tip the balance of power in favor of political branches greater influence in the selection of judges appointed to serve on Florida’s Supreme court. It seeks to undermine the intent of our nonpartisan judicial nominating system by requiring confirmation for all judicial appointments to the high court.

According to former  State Senator Alex Villalobos:This puts the nominee back into the political process based on partisan politics and the possibility of a qualified candidate being rejected because of ideological differences with the current party in office. 

 (See Florida judges Pariente, Lewis and Quince. The current Florida Governor and Legislature feel that their decisions have been too liberal (Horrors!) so they are making machinations to have them booted out of office instead of letting the PEOPLE vote for them as usual)

Amendment 6 (Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions:Construction of Abortion Rights) would allow Florida politicians to intrude* on personal medical decisions between a woman , her family and her doctor.

*This is from the hypocritical party that wants less government.

Amendment 8 (Religious Freedom) is an obtuse amendment that would allow taxpayer funding of religious institutions. It will allow public money to be used for religious indoctrination. Saying NO to this amendment will not jeopardize existing funding for some religious groups’ social welfare programs.

If this amendment goes thru specific groups will be able to promote their agenda and blackmail thru lack of funding the groups that are opposed to their ideology….Hmmmmmmmmm kind of the same thing they are trying to do with the judges, you don’t vote our way we will cut you off at the knees. The problem with these zealots is that while they do not speak for the majority of Florida voters they have managed to elect those of their kind to office so they are trying to jam their ideology in different orifices of the voting public.

Florida ,having some of the most disinterested and apathetic voters does not help at all. In my business I hear a lot of griping from the public about the current state of affairs but when its time to vote you rarely see more than a 25%  voter turnout. Sad but true.How in the hell Rick Scott got elected as Florida’s governor is still mind-boggling to this day.

For more information floridaleague@earthlink.net


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