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Crist & Scott, please vote

Upcoming November 2014 Gubernatorial  elections in Florida (the Twilight Zone of voting) are pitting two guys who if it was not for politics would be either in jail or flipping burgers at Mc Donald’s . It is amazing that once … Continue reading

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Florida voters, bend over, grab your ankles.

The current Florida Legislature is getting a big tube of KY ready in order to push thru a handful of constitutional amendments that will benefit the majority party and those delusional tea baggers……..err, tea partiers. The League of Women Voters … Continue reading

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Rick Perry and Rick Scott, cut from same cloth?

Two Republican governors from two of the poorest states in the Nation, Florida and Texas have refused Federal Medicare funds that are part of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as the Republican/Obstructionist party would rather call it. So Dumb as a … Continue reading

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What a country! Lowlifes in the Florida Legislature

Residents of Florida beware, the Legislature is trying to pass a bill that shields current members, past members , current and past staff from being sued and from requesting depositions from any lawsuits whatsoever. The timing is interesting because the … Continue reading

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Charter Schools: Governor Rick Scott’s Recipe For Disaster, Ahem, Success

Here in Florida, the land of the blind, deaf, and dumb voters, we have elected another Governor who is enamored of charter schools. The last Governor, Bush IV,  the one with at least half a brain (unlike his brother the … Continue reading

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