What a Country! The GOP frontrunner

Well folks it looks like Mitt “stiff as a board” Romney is halfway to the GOP nomination, Rick “no sodomy allowed ” Santorum is not going to get his wish of a contested convention after losing  the primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. this week.

The rank and file and some high-profile (Marco Rubio) pols are starting to line up and are endorsing Mitt as the front-runner to make the Rep/Obs look like they have a united front.

The problem is that the teabaggers and the ultra conservatives are still looking at Mitt with a jaundiced eye because he is not conservative enough for their backward, Neanderthal 1950’s mindset.

Unless the entire GOP party unites the chance of Mitt winning the presidential office from the “Hipster” are slim and none and none has left the building.

The GOP is having problems attracting women, Hispanics and minorities into the party, I wonder why? Maybe it’s because the party wants to tell women what to do with their bodies?

Maybe it’s because they are so out of touch with the plight of minorities?

Maybe it’s because of their stance on immigration? 

Maybe it’s because the GOP is so out of touch with reality?

Maybe it’s because of how they view the gay community? Of course except the ones in their own party that are closet gays themselves.

Maybe it’s because spokesmen, Senators and Congressmen from the GOP are a lily-white, rich, stiff, corporate lap dogs say like Eric Cantor or  Rand Paul.

Someone at the GOP has to think that minorities, women and the disenfranchised should have some representation from their party but noooooooooooooooooo, they are just too caught up in the lobbyists and corporate pockets  to give a rat’s ass.

Not that the Dems are totally faultless here, but at least they appear to give a damn about the poor and those lacking in health care. It gives the folks some hope at least.

I predict that the Hipster will carry the votes with women and minorities, that could be enough to carry him over the top.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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