Not in 2016 please ! after coffee

Well kids I’ve had my coffee, we are three weeks in 2016 and its looking mighty odd already.

Another Kardashian ( Khloe) has admitted to creating a  sex tape.  Don’t these girls know when to hire a P.R. firm instead of making sex tapes? This is the one that’s married to the drug addicted whore mongering basketball player who by the way is not being charged for his drug-fueled coma inducing sexcapade at a Nevada brothel. If any of us did the same thing we would be locked up in an instant and Baker Acted.

Hillary is in bed with the big banks, big business and Wall Street, maybe she is getting back at Bill for stogie gate. She has to be busier that a hooker on Times Square. This leaves Bernie Sanders as the lone wolf in the Democratic party. He is a good clean honest man so the chances of him winning are poor. Once big business turns their attention to him, lookout. They wont find anything dirty on him except of course: socialist member which they will twist into the word communist in a New York minute.

Caitlyn Jenner is still in the news unfortunately. He/she now wants to date men. In her television show’s upcoming season she admits she wants to date men. Two things: At last report she had done nothing about her privates so lets assume she still has a penis. So unless she goes on a date with someone who lives desolately without cable t.v. newspapers or radio, what man wants to date a broad with a dick? Number two: Caitlyn darling you are ugly. Shoulders like a linebacker, huge hands and a face that would stop traffic. Is she going on Tinder? would like to see THAT profile. Again I commend her for her courage to do what she did but make up your mind man ………sorry, girl.

Donald Trump is not going anywhere fast. He is currently leading in Iowa over two Cuban Americans who are nipping at his heels like Chihuahuas. Rubio and Cruz are odd birds even for the dysfunctional family known as the GOP. One is loathed by a large amount of people due to his smarmy nature, self aggrandizement, pompous attitude, righteous indignation and bloated sense of self (Cruz). The other is also smarmy but in a boyish kind of way.He’s the type a Grandmother would grab and squeeze his cheeks and kiss him but he knows that’s who he is and he would take advantage of it. His obsession with power oozes out of his pores (Rubio). Cruz is backed by the Tea baggers and crazies, Rubio is backed by the dark side: the Koch brothers.

The GOP does not want Trump to win because that will give the Dems the Presidential election in 2016 so they have to figure a way to stop him without looking like fools, incompetent or guilty of something. They have lots of experience in those things. So do they do a character assassination? Leak information about skeletons in closet? If Trump has not turned off the GOP electorate by now with the incredibly classless, ignorant, racist and misogynist remarks it will take a lot to assassinate the Donald. Unfortunately Trump has brought Sarah Palin onto his campaign. Putting her in front of a microphone  and cameras is like giving a junkie the keys to the pharmacy. She was incoherent with excitement about two minutes into her stump speech, you’d think she’d done an eight-ball before she took the stage.

So a lot of the folks I wanted to see less of in 2016 are going stronger than ever. It’s going to be a long year, pass the peyote.






About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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