Clinton versus Trump

Look kids now that its time for the major leaguers since the posers (Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich) the wannabees ( Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina) the clueless (Ben Carson, Jeb Bush) and the mensch (Bernie Sanders) are done.It’s time to clear the ring and let the heavyweights  thru the ropes.

Sure the Dragon Lady and the Ego have the most negative approval ratings of any two candidates to ever run for president but what can you do with two who both feel ordained to run and win? One of them is going to be in for a HUGE disappointment, HUGE let me tell you.

If Hillary loses I will feel sorry for Bill. If the Donald loses I feel sorry for all the comedians who are currently planning a career around his presidency. However I do not think Hillary will lose, here’s why: In spite of the polarizing figure that is Hillary she stood by Bill thru Monica-gate, got thru the GOP circus known as Benghazi hearings, made it thru the FBI e mail investigations and took every blow from Bernie and survived.

It’s more than the Donald only has the uneducated white trash vote, the misogynist ,the xenophobic vote and  the racist vote. He does not have the black vote, the women’s vote or  the Hispanic vote. The bible thumpers? hmmmmm……on one hand he’s been married three times and divorced twice but the thumpers have to vote GOP or they will burn in hell if they don’t.

So if you have heard of the lesser of two evils vote, this is it. Cant vote Libertarian, they are so far off the grid they make Star Trek convention fans look like average white folk. The Green Party while espousing a great cause have the “Q” rating of well, the Libertarians or for those of you who don’t get it the pizzazz and excitement of a party at Mitt Romney’s hacienda.

So don’t vote? No, you are playing right into their hands, so vote even if your candidate is out of it (Bernie’s fans) vote, its a privilege ask the people that live in Communist countries or live in a country ruled by a dictator.

Here’s the crazy part, they don’t even have their vice president candidates picked yet, more fun to follow……….

HST 7/12/16







About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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