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Dear Democrats, grow some balls

Dear Dems, now that the 2014 midterm elections are over and the majority of Democratic candidates running for office ran from Obama’s shadow like a scalded dog, shame on you and those of you who lost your races deserve it. The pundits … Continue reading

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What a Country! GOP help women?

I just finished reading a humor filled column by Noelle Ninkompoop of Fox News. I did not know she was also a comedy writer. The headline in a national  newspaper screamed: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Naturally this caught my eye … Continue reading

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What a Country! The Buffett Rule

I was saddened to read that the “Buffett Rule” did not pass thru the Senate. I was not surprised however based on how many millionaires are part of that club. More on the pigs feeding at the trough later. The … Continue reading

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Newt and Freddie Mac…………….$1.8 Million

The week of November 13th 2011 The House Oversight Committee came out with a scathing report and held a hearing criticizing the Obama administrations policy on the awarding of substantial bonuses to executives of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac which … Continue reading

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Really O’Reilly?

Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Here comes the Republican/Obstructionist party puppet Bill O’Reilly crying like a little schoolgirl because the liberal national media will continue to help President Obama in spite of his dropping approval numbers. I find … Continue reading

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Gerrymandering the gerrymandering

In November 2010 voters in Florida overwhelmingly passed Amendments 5 and 6 which were meant to create fair voting districts. This vote was 63% for versus 37 against. The Republican controlled legislature is dragging their feet, stonewalling the process and have … Continue reading

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