Super Tuesday 4/26 or fear and loathing in the Northeast

So the Donald takes all five states even after the misguided collaboration between John “I need a personality transfusion” Kasich and Ted ” why doesn’t anyone like me” Cruz that they tried this week.

It was a backdoor deal to split delegates in upcoming states between them. It did smell of desperation and panic. The problem is in spite of winning some states Cruz couldn’t get elected in a whorehouse if he was holding fistfuls of Benjamins. He is smarmy, self aggrandizing, obnoxious and self serving. And those are his good qualities.

Kasich speaks well, has tried to stay above the muck but has the appeal of wet paint. Now I am not a Donald fan. At first I liked a businessman running for the highest office in the land  but he lends or licenses his name to deals like Trump U, Trump steaks, Trump vodka without doing due diligence on the people running these companies. I am surprised there’s not Trump Condoms with tag lines of They’re HUGE, You’ve never felt more fantastic, They are Incredible!

And I know he used the “system” in place for bankruptcies but how successful are you if you have filed at least four times for that? Why is Trump U being sued? Come on Donald, if it has your name on it make sure it is legit and the “best” as you always boast you blowhard.

Cruz is so transparent that he came dead last today in the Northeast. Even Kasich got more votes than he did. Looks like he will not get any delegates in the Northeast. Even the touted evangelical/conservative voters voted overwhelmingly for  Trump. I hope Ted gets the message, he is like the unpopular kid in High School who tried and tried to get into the cool/popular crowd and was rebuffed over and over but he would not go away.

This is at the same time the most interesting political race in a long time as well as being the most stomach wrenching. Looking forward to the GOP convention, it will have more twists, turns and skullduggery than a John Le Carre’ novel.

As far as the Dems go, Hillary’s machine is in full mode but Bernie wont go away like a bad rash. Hillary is full of platitudes and sob stories. Bernie offers solutions. Solutions that cant be paid for but solutions. Hillary is for fracking and fossil fuels and Bernie is not. Hillary will “fight for you” but offers no solutions

Looking forward to the conventions and November, no matter who wins it will be a seminal moment in American politics. Too bad HST isn’t around to report on it.







About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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