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Not in 2016 please ! after coffee

Well kids I’ve had my coffee, we are three weeks in 2016 and its looking mighty odd already. Another Kardashian ( Khloe) has admitted to creating a  sex tape.  Don’t these girls know when to hire a P.R. firm instead of making … Continue reading

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What a country! Gone in 2011

Here are some of the folks who left this planet in 2011 in no particular order, some will be missed, some will not be. Steve Jobs, has changed how we do everything forever. Betty Ford, former first lady and founder … Continue reading

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Newt………an endorsment or is it?

This week the Manchester-Union Ledger newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich for the New Hampshire primary which is the earliest one held for the presidential hopefuls. While this is not a shock due to their ultra conservative stance over the years, it goes … Continue reading

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Presidential hopefuls, update

Well kids it is starting to whittle down due to attrition, foot in mouth disease, ignorance and just plain stupidity. The comedy writers favorite, Sarah Palin dropped out of her own volition, she probably realized she could make more money-making … Continue reading

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Oh Sarah!

Sarah Palin was in Iowa over the Labor Day weekend ( shocker, I know, what a coincidence) and she said: ” I am condemming crony capitalism and  the permanent political class”. Now the first thing I thought of was she talking … Continue reading

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