What a Country! GOP help women?

I just finished reading a humor filled column by Noelle Ninkompoop of Fox News. I did not know she was also a comedy writer.

The headline in a national  newspaper screamed: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Naturally this caught my eye because the GOP has done completely the opposite in recent memory. I thought maybe they had a heart transplant at GOP headquarters or that they came to their senses and realized that without the woman’s vote they will lose the November Presidential elections faster than a hooker loses her panties at a Shriner’s convention.

So the further I read the article I realized that the headline should have read: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN WOMEN IN CONGRESS.

It’s all about how there are PAC’s in Washington created to help the women mentioned above. Such hypocrisy in this party. They are not helping working women, working moms, or the disenfranchised but the elite women politicians of their party. Nothing wrong with that but do not put such a headline like hers on a national paper, put one like mine at least it tells the truth.

And Nicole Nitwit has the fucking gall to write: ” The Republican Party realizes it has a gender gap with women voters and is eager to find strong candidates.” Really? You think there’s a gap? Is there a gap in the Grand Canyon? Yes Einstein there is a huge gap. But hey, you have you have seven months to fix this before elections. You can fix years of Republicans treating women like second class citizens in that time, ha, ha ha.

And she goes on to further write: This is really going to confuse the media.By default, a “woman’s issue” is a liberal one. Hey genius girl, no one is confused because you are not helping all women, you are helping your own.

They still don’t get it do they?  Just because there are 29 women ( five in the Senate, twenty-four in the House)  who are Republican conservative politicians and the GOP is creating PAC’s to help them does not mean they are helping all women across America.

Of course the fact that they are helping any women is probably what is making their pants wet.




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