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Electoral and more losers

There were some extraordinary losers in Tuesday’s elections. People that are not used to losing lost big time. Some lost money which they have plenty of. Some lost reputations which are hard to come by. Some lost face which for … Continue reading

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Florida voters, bend over, grab your ankles.

The current Florida Legislature is getting a big tube of KY ready in order to push thru a handful of constitutional amendments that will benefit the majority party and those delusional tea baggers……..err, tea partiers. The League of Women Voters … Continue reading

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What a Country! GOP help women?

I just finished reading a humor filled column by Noelle Ninkompoop of Fox News. I did not know she was also a comedy writer. The headline in a national  newspaper screamed: GOP WORKING TO EMPOWER WOMEN. Naturally this caught my eye … Continue reading

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What a country! Guantanamo Bay

Yes I know that Guantanamo Bay is out of the country but of course we run it, fund it to the tune of  $800,ooo PER captive and at this writing there were 171 captives there. You do not have to … Continue reading

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