Chris Christie,bully, bufoon or bastard?

In light of the Fort Lee, New Jersey bridge closing as a result of a vindictive action coming directly from Governor Christie’s chief of staff and Port Authority executive David Wildstein ( a Christie appointment) as of this posting it appears that the bully governor had nothing to do with this unprecedented action. These two morons are gone, one resigned, one was fired. What the hell were they thinking?

This was done as payback to Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich who did not endorse Gov. Christie’s November re-election. Gov. Christie won by a landslide so it is not like he needed another endorsement.

People are tired of seeing cookie cutter puppets in office, politicians that do not answer a question without consulting a lawyer, a focus group, a public relations guru, a priest, a rabbi and a fortune teller. Christie’s popularity is based on his honest off the cuff answers and no nonsense approach to questions and problems. Should it be found that he knew absolutely NOTHING of this planned event, he should get a pass.

However since the investigation is not over, if any proof surfaces of communication between the Guv’nor and Port Authority Chairman David Samson over the planned “traffic problems” aimed at Fort Lee, the Governor should be relieved of his duties immediatly and if any laws were broken he should be charged along with his minions.

Will this hurt Christie’s 2016 presidential aspirations? Time will tell.

If you have not figured it out by now, the party involved in this is the Republican party, those stalwarts of fair play. Had this been a democratic disaster, I would have written the same column, wrong is wrong.


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