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will have sub titles on this wonderful mosquito, sea lice infested state that nevertheless gives you breathtaking views of natures paradise.

Charlatan in Chief

I will not make the dumpster my president, he is abhorrent, duplicitous, self serving, selfish, inconsiderate, lying, two-faced and incredibly stupid. He believes he is smarter than others, he is not, he believes he is wiser, he is not, he … Continue reading

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The golf swing, simplified or just shoot me.

Even though you might not like golf, think it’s boring or agree with the late George Carlin ( bless him) that thought golf courses were a waste of land, here is what a golfer has to checklist before taking the … Continue reading

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Trump supporters racist? Nah !

So Pamela Ramsey Taylor and Beverly Whaling, politicians from the great state of West Virginia have disparaged First Lady Michelle Obama along with the school kids in ( pick a state, any state) that have written derogatory remarks on lockers … Continue reading

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Don’t trust her, cant stand him

So in a couple of weeks America will be voting for the person they want as President and at the same time they will also probably be voting¬†for a person they dislike immensely. That’s what it has come down to. … Continue reading

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Trump that vote

Well kids its down to the last thirty days before the most seminal election of your lifetime. Why YOUR lifetime? because everything in your life, your friends, your relatives and the world will be affected by who is sleeping in … Continue reading

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Clinton versus Trump

Look kids now that its time for the major leaguers since the posers (Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Martin O’Malley, John Kasich)¬†the wannabees ( Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina) the clueless (Ben Carson, Jeb Bush) and the mensch (Bernie Sanders) are done.It’s … Continue reading

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GOP Latinos? surely you jest

An article came out recently in the Tribune family of newspapers lamenting the fact that the GOP is fearful that the Donald’s divisive campaign will drive Latino voters away from the GOP for decades to come. Here is the irony: … Continue reading

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