More curmudgeon

Regardless of party affiliation, doesn’t the mental state of the current President worry anyone? Lies, backtracking, more lies, lies about the lies, subterfuge,more lies its like an avalanche of misinformation, your head spins so much you do not know what to believe, guess its working after all.

Will political parties ever be civil again considering the division and bad blood being created in Washington?

Should there be a new party? Not the Green party, not the Libertarians they couldn’t muster a million votes if they were giving away hand- jobs. How about the Cocktail Party? Everyone has their favorite drink to excess and whoever is left standing (without help of any-kind ) gets elected.

Term limits should be enacted across the board,if you cannot get your agenda or enrich yourself and your cronies in eight years time, boo-hoo.

Its really funny Trump calling Cohen a liar. Who do you believe the habitual liar or a lawyer? Tough choice I know.

How long will the GOP blame Obama and Hillary for their troubles? Over/Under says four more years.

Will the Millennials get out of their parents basement and vote in 2020?

Are parents of kids under ten years old even thinking about theĀ  condition of the environment they will be leaving for their kids?

If certain countries in the Middle East hate the U.S. so much, shouldn’t we just get the hell out of there and let them blow themselves back to the Stone Age?

Hoping Marijuana gets legal status in all the states, just think of the increased sales of Doritos and Moon-pies. Besides no one has ever overdosed on pot and it is not a gateway drug as Reefer Madness would have you believe.

Will the current generation of teen age girls grow up self entitled, selfish and self centered after watching the Kardashians? Wait, this just in, they already are. Good role models those gold digging athlete humping hustlers.

Random thoughts from a twisted mind, in memory of HST.














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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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