Summary of Trump’s 100 day plan* at day 175

*Taken right off his website when he was running for his party’s nomination, courtesy of the Daily Surge.

So here is the comprehensive and ambitious plan before the surprise win and the Russian connection became apparent. Almost 180 days in.


  1. Cancel all unconstitutional Obama executive orders./Program under way, working
  2.  SCOTUS: Replace Scalia with a judge who will uphold the constitution. With right wing/conservative/faux Christian values. Done, working.
  3. Establish term limits for Congress. Not discussed, not working, no chance.
  4. Hiring freeze for non-military government jobs. Not applied.
  5. Eliminate two existing regulations for each new regulation./what new regulations? eliminating left and right, it’s like a free for all.
  6. Five year ban on post -Congress lobbying.  Yes, done.
  7. Limits on foreign governmental lobbying. Ummm, as long as it’s not Russians.
  8. Fix Washington corruption. Surely you fucking jest. okay so four out of 8 aint bad.


  1. Renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA/Lots of bluster, no action.
  2. Withdraw from Trans Pacific Partnership/ No sale so fah Charlee
  3. Identify China as currency manipulator/ Not done, had chance, gutless
  4. End unfair trade abuses/not so far.
  5. Lift restrictions on energy reserves/HUH?
  6. Allow Keystone pipeline and similar projects/yes
  7. Cancel payment to UN climate change : use money to fix our own environment and infrastructure/yes on the first part, no on the second.

1.5 out of seven.


  1. Only three brackets, down from seven/not yet
  2. Middle class tax relief :average 35% tax cut/not yet, a tease at this point
  3. Reduce business tax rate from 35% to 15%, bring money back to U.S. create more jobs/not yet, really?
  4. Tariffs to stop U.S. firms from relocating abroad.

0 for four



  1. Rebuild military, end sequester/headed that way
  2. Veterans health reforms/aint easy, working on it
  3. Fix the VA/ see #2
  4. Cancel federal funding of sanctuary cities/ did that, most cities told him to fuck off
  5. Deport 2 million illegal criminals; cancel visas from countries who wont take em back/work in progress
  6. Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot occur/unless the Trump Organization does business there
  7. End illegal immigration/did we ever have any other plan?
  8. Build the wall/sure, just waiting for Mexico to make the down payment
  9. Two year mandatory prison sentence for breaking immigration law/ sort of defeats the crackdown on deporting illegal criminals
  10. Five year mandatory sentence for convicted felons who re-enter the US/working on it
  11. Penalties for visa infractions/a work in progress
  12. Require immigrants to support our values/ ambitious, impressive, impossible to apply/monitor/implement

Will give him four out of twelve

  1. Establish community crime prevention program/isn’t that called Crime Watch?

Help eliminate criminal gangs/Is this new?

0 for 2

F. Healthcare

The first version did not pass, the second version doesn’t look like it will either. It is an obscene money grab/tax break for the rich and screw the poor.

  1. Repeal and replace Obamacare/harder to kill the Freddy Krueger
  2. Health savings accounts/nice try, not happening
  3. Purchase insurance across state lines/see #2
  4. States to manage Medicaid funds/they have done so well so far, see Florida
  5. Speed up approval of life saving drugs/ as long as they don’t cost $1700 a pill     


  1. 1.Allowances for parents to choose schools/this is the charter school come on and a gimme
  2. End common core/doing it
  3. Expand vocational and technical education/coming soon to a theatre near you.

In closing 2 out of three here. Now for the elephant in the room: ISIS, he said “Only I can defeat ISIS, I know more than the Generals”he is full of shit, wouldn’t know an ISIS  combatant unless that guy was hiding in the rough on one of his golf courses.

Go over the list, have fun. In memory of HST.



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