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Television weatherpersons in South Florida need to stop hyperventilating when there is a dust storm coming off the west coast of Africa. You can see the weather girls nipples get hard and the men get boners when this happens. The histrionics start after that and the scare factor goes into full effect. If the storm gathers and its near Puerto Rico or the Virgin islands then start with the nervous Nellie hand wringing and hair pulling. Those of us who experienced Andrew don’t get excited about a fart of the coast of Africa until it becomes something real.

Been said many times before but politicians should have the same Healthcare that working class Americans have access to, that would change their tune in a heartbeat.

Have tickets to concerts just gotten out of hand? To pay $200 dollars to see a band in a cavernous stadium which you wind up watching the Jumbo-tron to see them up close anyway is ridiculous.

If I call a major corporation’s customer service and have to talk to “Rick” in Bangladesh I am going to have a fucking cow.

Could auto dealers please explain two things: “acquisition fee” and  “dealer prep fee” ? Shouldn’t they just call it bend over fee?

At what point  in their life did a person aspire to become a proctologist? Was it an epiphany? Did they have an anal fetish? Want to work in tight places? I want to know, I have to know.

Do shrinks have liability insurance? How do you know if they fucked you up? Is there a statute of limitations on therapy? If they do not “fix” you is there a money back guarantee?

Ever notice mass shooters are ugly as fuck, couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison or a whorehouse with a fistful of Benjamin’s? That little prick that shot up Stoneman Douglas high school looks like a troll and a carpet had a better chance of getting laid than he did.

I know it is barbaric but some Middle East countries punish thieves by cutting off their hands, same should apply to rapists. Bet there will be second thoughts.

Random thoughts of a twisted mind, in memory of HST.









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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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