You better learn these Russian words

In light of the recent revelations that Russia interfered with our presidential elections in 2016 I thought it would be prudent to do a few things:

Buy stock in Rosetta Stone , I think a lot of people will start to try to study the language.

Learn to like eating borscht

Buy cold weather clothes in case some of us get shipped to Siberia

I would say get used to the taste of vodka, but some of us have been practicing that for years, ditto for caviar.

Kidding, but think about this for a moment, another country’s “government” decided to put major resources into influencing our presidential election because they did not like a certain candidate. I know, I know she was not liked here either but it took some serious planning to pull this off. Yes, I understand they did not fool with voting machines but they influenced people’s opinions  towards a particular candidate who was already polarizing enough to have done the job all by herself.

So are we Russian dupes? Were a lot of people not going to vote for her anyway? Would the election have gone another way if The Donald was not a candidate? I don’t know, I have no way of knowing and probably running a dead guy against her would have given us the same results and I don’t mean Bernie.

Some words and phrases to learn how to say in Russian, please add any you deem needed.




how much?

are you kidding me?

no way Jose …………..except it would have to be changed to Sergei




firing squad


great, fantastic, incredible,leader: all to be used if you get asked about Putin.

Hope the next time I write this it wont be from Saint Peterburg and I don’t mean Florida.

In memory of HST.








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