Today’s golfers are hitting drives over 300 yards on a regular basis, does the PGA test for performance enhancing drugs?

The current President said while campaigning that he would not take a vacation, or play golf, he lied, lied and lied. Can we agree that he is a habitual liar?

He also said he did not know St0rmy or Karen, he lied about that too.

He lied about paying them off too.

The lies about  Russian meeting are unraveling as fast as the Tweets against the meeting.

When will a reporter be attacked by a Trump supporter? I think it is just a matter of time. The obvious low I.Q. of Trump supporters is so plain to see that it is frightening. Trailer trash, yahoos, hillbillies, inbreds, toothless, gun-nuts, idiot-savants,he’s got em all.

Is the U.S. intelligence community planning to silence their biggest critic? A car accident? Plane crash? A radioactive pellet? Poison?

Which Trump kid will be indicted? Eric? Don Jr.? Ivanka?

The hypocrisy from the Christian right about Trump’s peccadillos  is as bad as the silence from the Catholic church about pedophile priests.

The Trump administrations efforts with the help of the GOP hierarchy  to undo most of the Obama’s administrations legacy is so obvious that historians will have an easy path to explain everything to future generations.

Television weatherpersons should be tied naked to a telephone pole when they get the forecast wrong which is often. Partly cloudy? Party sunny? Possible change of rain? WTF just say you don’t know and just stick your head out the door. And what’s with the Bimbo weathergirls in the Hispanic stations? Is that the only way to get viewers? These gals look like they stepped right out of a nightclub, so do any of them have a meteorologist degree? Maybe the tying them naked to a telephone is not a bad idea after all.

Guess instead of draining the swamp the swamp is populated by more greed-mongers and crooks.

I am amazed by the amount of people who ignore the current President’s lies, obfuscations, outright lack of veracity and the destroying of the not only prestige of the office but the way the world looks at the U.S.A.

Will pro football still be as popular twenty years from now after all the CTE studies come in?

Who in the hell wants to drive into the heart of Little Havana to watch the train wreck that is the Miami Marlins baseball team?

Will Bashar al Assad ever be tried for war crimes in Syria? Chemical weapon attacks? Bombing hospitals over 450 times? Destroying Aleppo? pick any.

Rick Scott running for Senator of Florida is a joke, he gutted Obamacare, the Everglades cleanup and helped corporations get better deals on the backs of the middle class.

ruminating in remembrance of HST









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