Electoral and more losers

There were some extraordinary losers in Tuesday’s elections. People that are not used to losing lost big time. Some lost money which they have plenty of. Some lost reputations which are hard to come by. Some lost face which for some they don’t care and for those that do it’s a bit late pardners.

Lets start with the big kahuna himself, Mitt Romney. He was so sure, so righteous, so confident he did not see that he was the best of the worst Republicans could come up with. He was handsome, well dressed and cut a swath like the captain of industry which he was.

He was also aloof, arrogant, elitist and didn’t know when to keep his mouth closed. Forty seven percent anyone? Shut down PBS? Planned Parenthood? He was out of touch with the people just like his party. And he changed his mind more often that a schizophrenic off his Prozac.

Some of the big losers were big money donators: Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump and the Koch brothers. Poor investments boys, even for you money geniuses. Sure they probably didn’t feel the money pinch but their egos sure felt the blow.

Not a money loser but a big reputation blow was suffered by Karl Rove, the Victor Frankenstein of the GOP. I could see him in his lab with the bunsen burners cooking up strategies like a mad scientist. His grand plan went down in flames when Obama won both Massachusetts and Wisconsin, the states that Mitt and Paul Munster were from. That was a tell  of the crash and burn evening that was coming up. The other tell was when Claire Mc Caskell, Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren won their states.A sure sign that the people were tired of the holy roller religious right tight assed bible thumping conservative straight-laced 1950’s ideas.

Folks, the 1950’s are long gone, if Ozzie & Harriet Nelson were still around they would be retired in Sun City Arizona, slurping down Mai Tai’s and smoking weed at sunset. June and Ward Cleaver would be retired in Boca Raton Florida with June whipping up Viagra cocktails for Ward or Eddie Haskell if he was still obsessed with her. But I digress.

The GOP should have a leash alert for some of the assholes that were part of their party. I say were because rocket scientists  like Joe Walsh, Allen West, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock went down in flames in their respective races because the people finally got sick of their insensitivity, their lack of couth, their lack of taste ,their misogynist peanut sized minds and their lack of knowledge of how women’s minds, let alone their bodies work.

The arrogant, bloated, lily white limp dicks at the GOP failed to realize that the women were going to turn on them, the latinos wanted no part of self deportation and that the minorities were tired of being disenfranchised and being crushed by poverty.

While people were being laid off, evicted, and being foreclosed on these arrogant fucks were talking about extending taxes for the rich and corporations, the nerve of them. They should be tarred and feathered. This is step one, step two will be the mid-term elections in 2014, if they don’t play ball with President Hipster they will lose even more than they lost in November 6,2012. The people were mad and thank God they did not take it anymore.


About Jorge G

business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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