Dear Democrats, grow some balls

Dear Dems, now that the 2014 midterm elections are over and the majority of Democratic candidates running for office ran from Obama’s shadow like a scalded dog, shame on you and those of you who lost your races deserve it.

The pundits got it right, how could the Dems nationally and locally not praise, push, extoll and promote the growth from 2009 to 2014……..

+218% growth in the Dow

+250% growth in the S&P

+12.4 difference in GDP growth

25% drop in unemployment

+250% gain in consumer confidence

closeout of Iraq war

Death of Bin Laden

Negotiating with other leaders instead of saber rattling

How could you not promote all of that? It’s mindboggling.

It’s like high school, when the popular kids ostracized people, others tended to stay away from them so the popular kids wouldn’t turn on them and pick on them too. Obama is hated by   Gop’ers, Tea Partiers, conservatives, religious right, gun owners ( who six years later still haven’t had their guns taken away ) militias, crackers, skinheads and of course the Koch brothers. The Democrats didn’t have the balls to stand up to the bullies, protect their party, protect their president and promote all the good things that were accomplished the last six years when they had a majority in the House. Shame on you.

Sure, hate is a strong word but how do you explain the government shutdown just because the tea baggers didn’t get their way? How mean spirited do you have to be to cut veterans benefits, food stamps, and unemployment benefits just because you didn’t get your way? How can McConnell win reelection when he said his goal was to make Obama a one term president?

That gal that ran against Mitch (no-chin) Mc Connell wouldn’t even admit whether she voted for Obama, like she was ashamed. Shame on her. I voted for him and while he has disappointed me some, I am not ashamed.

I hope the 2016 elections are different, there is no shame in being a Democrat, hold your head high, you stand for something good, don’t let the bullies get to you. And for Pete’s sake hire a P.R. firm next time.

Ps: by the way I was a Republican until six years ago when I switched to Democrat.





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    interesting since 2014, we have Bernie in the mix and the strongest female candidate ever

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