What a country! Guantanamo Bay

Yes I know that Guantanamo Bay is out of the country but of course we run it, fund it to the tune of  $800,ooo PER captive and at this writing there were 171 captives there.

You do not have to do the math, it’s a shitload of money. But well spent or is it? The Obama wants to shut down that prison camp but for what reason?  Economic? Moral? Political?

Want to close it ? fine, give us an alternative. There was hue and cry from different parts of America when some of these terrorists were going to be house in high security prisons on the U.S. mainland ten years ago.

In keeping with the pussyfying of society where  E V E R Y O N E has a special interest group, where social media is used for good: the over throw of Syria, the bad:  the whinny, self-absorbed, selfish, self-centered, it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE entitled society who if they do not get their way about anything its on You Tube in an hour, or Twitter or the blogosphere universe . The complaints about keeping terrorists on U.S. soil  was a whine fest.

The powers that be worried soooooooooooooooooo much about the whiners who did not want these bad terrorists in any U.S. land based prison that they said “fuck it” we’ll put them in Guantanamo, we wont have to answer to any of these manby pamby whinny motherfuckers who don’t want to put terrorists and war “detainees” in U.S. MAXIMUM security prisons so its  a naval base so problem solved.

Well not so fast Judge Advocate General it appears there has to be Geneva convention rules applied there. Can’t waterboard them because its inhumane. Detainees have to have their extra blankie or they will complain and stage a hunger strike.

Hey Ahkmed you are a fucking war criminal, you tried to blow up Americans in some part of the world, probably helpless tourists or put a bomb in a market place like the fucking camel dung eating coward that you are, you are in jail asshole! Jail, Jail Jail! so fuck you, be lucky you werent beheaded like the innocent journalists or “contractors” that are kidnapped in the flea infested shithole you call home.

So back to Guantanamo, the camp is rife with unrest because the rules were toughened because they took a way the spare blankie ( the God’s truth so help me) extra clothing was taken away and horrors! at medical appointments guards are shackling inmates by all four limbs ! Oh my GOD what cruelty!

Again Achnod stop to think, you are a captive of the U.S. government, they are humane enough to give you MEDICAL TREATMENT while you are in jail. And you are complaining because of the shackles?   Fuck you ! Would an American get the same treatment in one of your stone age jails? Would they be offered medical treatment? again, a hearty fuck you, that jail in Guantanamo has a roof, water, showers, food,recreation and medical treatment.

Can the jails in Zafranistan or whatever camel infested country you were dropped in a field from between your mothers legs when you were hatched have any of the comforts you have in Guantanamo? Can the town you were raised in even have running water?

Captives have threatened  to stage sit-ins, refuse meals and hang protest signs for these abuses. I say don’t feed them for a week, take away their beds so they can have sit-ins 24/7 and hang the protest signs around their necks every waking moment they have. See how tough they are then.

Lawyers for CIA detainees are complaining that the mail between them and their clients are being meddled with. Too bad you are in jail, lucky you get mail be happy they give you writing material. You don’t have rights ,you are a WAR prisoner, you are a terrorist.

We still have the war tribunals coming up for Abdal-Rahim al Nashiri the USS Cole bomber and  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the*cough* ALLEGED *cough* 9/11 plotter and his four cohorts, Moemad, Kurly, Lharrry and Shemp. But seriously, G-Bay will be open for a while and as well it should. Keep them there till they rot or are found guilty and give them the death penalty.





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business owner, writer of books Miami Beat & Miami Moon, column writer for The Lake Worth Herald
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